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What to say? I'm 28 years old (at least at the time of writing this *lol*) I've been writing for what seems like forever, but it's a wonderful stress releif (Twitch? What twitch?) and far too much fun to stop now :-)

I'm especially fond of the odder pairings in Harry Potter (mostly Hermione-centric), though I don't mean the especially rare ones, or anything featuring Dobby/tea cosy or Giant Squid/Hooch's broom. *Yeurggg* Favourite ships include:

1) Adrian Puecy/ Hermione Granger

2)Oliver Wood/Hermione Granger

3) Seamus Finnagan/Hermione Granger

4) George Weasley/Hermone Granger

5) Luna Lovegood/Ronald Weasley


I have a cat named Nero, named both for the Emperor of Rome who played his fiddle as the city burned, and for the rather particular dectective created by author Rex Stout... as you can probably guess, I really shot myself in the foot with this one. Nero beleives he's royalty, even more so then most cats, if you can beleive that! And has done a wonderful job of training his humans to not only put up with all of his odd and unusual quirks, but to activly go out of their way to accomodate him, when he chosses to do something odd and inconvienent.

I live to serve a 5 lb dictator. Sometimes, I really do think cats secretly laugh at us. *lol*

I'm engaged, and getting married in December of next year, so that does cut into my writing schedual, but I'm trying to keep up with my updates as much as possible, but sometimes, I do fall a bit behind. *sheepish smile*

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