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I am me! Thats all you need to know!
Well except I'm the weird one of my friends. Usually I can be normal but it takes a great effort. My two bffls are also like family to me and they both are great and amazing writers and drawers. I'm the one that got stuck with being weird. I absolutely have no patience for the color pink. I hate the color and thats that. Sorry if your a girly-girl but if you are... GET OUT! I'm also the Goth/Emo person in my school so don't mess with me if you don't want injuries or mess with me if you have a death wish. The only people that understand are Brit and Kris and they are the only ones that know the real me. I'm also writing a book like my friends and if you read the Twilight Saga then you can get an idea of what I'm writing. But it's no where NEAR as good as my friends. Also I love drawing my own weapons and symbols. Brit can also draw, but I'm no where near as good as her and drawing dragons, and same goes for Kris. Well thats all I can say right now and just to tell you people I'm not your normal goth/emo person. BEWARE!

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