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I have read (slash) fanfiction for nearly three years and generally and had generally stuck to the Drarry ship, but I am slowly expanding my horizons.

I probably won't review too much. It's difficult for me to review on stories I really love (especially if they're long and multi-chaptered). It all depends. Fics on the TQP, because of their quality control efforts, will also tend to be better and have less faults to mention. (I do review positively, but when I'm blindly in love with a piece, I'm speechless.)

If someone asked me to Beta I would be thrilled. I could spell-check, do basic grammar fixes, repair awkward sentence structure (despite the run-ons I use in this bio), and mention plot holes or OOC-ness (of their own characterizations, not in comparison to the books). But I don' writes gud, so any super-great writers would probably want someone else.

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