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I'm really into the slash pairings, my main one being Harry/Draco of course! But I also like some not so common ones, for example I love Draco/Neville which are really hard to come by. I've only found a hand full of those fics, I guess no one can appreciate the Draco/Neville goodness like I can. I'm also a big fan of the Draco/Remus and Draco/Sirius fics (there are some nice ones written by an author named Titti, you can check them out at and I recommend that you do!). Also, on occasion I'll go for a good Draco/Ron fic (so has anyone noticed how much I love Draco yet?)

I love Remus/Sirius fics and sometimes I go for the Remus/Severus and Sirius/Severus fics as well.

Lets see, my favorite side pairings are Blaise/Hermione, Blaise/Ron, Blaise/Seamus, Blaise/Neville (what can I say, I love Blaise!), Ron/Hermione and Dean/Seamus.

My favorite HP slash artists are Sherant, Duckpuppy, Linnpuzzle, Glock, Fiendling, Alessandra, and Lizardspots. All of which can be easily googled if you want to look at their work... which you should because it's worth it, they are all AMAZING artists.

My favorite kinds of stories are Romance of course, I don't like too much fluff but I can't really read dark fics... what can I say I don't like fics that have too much negative emotion, it drags down my day. I love magical creature fics especially Veela ones but the storylines are always really repetitive, not that I blame the authors, I mean there is only so much you can do with a veela fic, you know? Oh and I love MPregs as long as the writer doesn't make the pregnant party too womanly... I draw the line at them growing breasts (eww!). But I must say my all time favorite type of fics are AU Non-Magic ones.

And that's all I can think of to share about me and my love affair with HP fanfiction but if you want to know anything else, or if you just want to say hi, feel free to IM me, I'm really friendly!

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