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Evidence of Things Not Seen by Quizzical Rated: MT - Mature Themes starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 45]
Summary: Part Two of "All That They Had Not Lost".

The Wizarding Community of Great Britain was in shock today when it was revealed that Harry Potter (aka The Chosen One) was involved in an adulterous love triangle with the wife of his best friend.
Categories: Remains of the Day > Three of Hearts
Characters: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Various
Genres: Drama, Romance, Trio
Time Period: None
Warnings: None
Series: All That They Had Not Lost
Chapters: 8 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 27361 Read Count: 12818
[Report This] Published: 07/11/2007 Updated: 09/11/2009
Reviewer: dindalay Signed
Date: 11/17/2007 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue

I love the articles. They made me laugh out loud, they made me cranky and they amazed me. They are beautifully done.

I like the idea that Molly would keep this sort of record.

I was realy impressed with being able to see Arthur's thought process as he comes to terms with Harry being part of his son's relationship and the baby still being a granchild of his.

It's very heartwarming. And Molly/Arthur is so cute. 

Author's Response:

oh thanks so much for the lovely feedback. and i'm thrilled you enjoyed it.

and i do love molly/arthur!


Reviewer: dindalay Signed
Date: 11/20/2007 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 1 - Regard its Fruit as Forbidden

He wasn't hiding. That would mean that they had won. And they had not won.
I love this line. Very Harry.

But they were still together. Still three.

It's such a beautiful relationship. i love the way you portray the bond between the three of them. this line is simple but conveys so much.

And there was Ron.
Well, there's always Ron isn't there? *bg* and thank god for that. Where would our world be without Ron?

Or the photos of that Wizengamot member caught with his secretary on holidays in Australia? The secretary was a good-looking bloke too. You'd have thought that would make the front page!
Ooh it took me a few seconds to get this. Then I laughed so hard.

The laughter died in his throat as he saw a stand full of copies of the latest Witch Weekly. A bedraggled Hermione was glaring over her shoulder and rolling her eyes at him from a corner of the cover. She hadn't slept or eaten for days when that photo was taken. Bastards.
Bastards indeed. i never understood this kind of journalism. Why does it make people feel good to see others looking awful. I can't stand tabloids and such. Makes no sense at all.

That was strange, really. It wasn't just his own bitterness but a feeling of being unsettled. It was growing by the second, and all he could think was that he needed to get home. Now.
There's that connection again. I love the way you weave this into the story. Better get home Harry.

He blinked. Even though he had himself held those very breasts and placed his own mouth on that soft skin, it seemed slightly ... impertinent to be so familiar with... well... someone's mother.
There seems to be a very large divide in peoples mind between women as lovers and women as mothers. Never mind that you need one to get the other. It's funny really.

"Oh dear! I look such a fright!" She thrust Miranda towards Harry. "Take her. Do. I have to just get dressed, and wash...and.... Please take her. I'll only be a few moments."
I love your Hermione voice. You capture her so well. I can't get it myself. This sounds very much like her.

She handed over a large dish of ... something purple.... to join the table
Oh Luna, isn't she precious? You have to love her. *hugs*

"Gwaharddedig Aeronen?" Ron looked at Luna with a stony face. "Can you honestly imagine calling that into the Floo? We'd end up with any number of dimwits who sneezed as they threw in the powder!"
This made me laugh so hard, I'm sure I made that noise. It's fantastic.

"Oh no!" said Luna, looking quite surprised, "It was named 'Forbidden Fruit' because this is where the local Lord kept his Mistress! He would pop through that door in the wall every second Thursday. Quite the scandal."
Pure Luna again. Coming out with such direct statements. She has so many people fooled. I love the name of the house.

'Boy Who Could Have Been The Boy Who Lived - Shacks Up With Muggle Girlfriend.' " George motioned his hand along in the air in front of him, indicating a newspaper headline. " 'Herbology World in Turmoil!
*gigglesnort* Boy Who Could Have Been The Boy Who Lived... Oh. dear. *dies*

"You leave Lee out of this," growled George.
Hmmmm, so what does your icon 'really' mean when it says Maple made me 'ship George/Lee. Ohhh are they? What about Luna?? Reads on to find out.

even though Hermione had sent the counter jinx several years ago to the pimple curse that marred Marietta's face.
*scoffs* Classic.

"You are all talk," interrupted Ron. "You want me to win. You like me on top."
Guh... Awww at teh Harry/Ron. So, so pretty together. Ron on top *melts* mmmm love the tickle match.

She felt empty. She felt alone.
"They really don't need me," she whispered into the darkness. "They don't need me at all."

Awwww Hermione honey *hugs her*. Talk to the boys sweetheart. They'll tell you. So much stronger as Three. Always comes back to three.

This is beautiful. I ache for Hermione. I've never had post-natal depression but I have had depression and anxiety and low self esteem and you've really got her pain spot on here. *sniff*
*Runs ahead to read more*

Author's Response:

eeeeee! a cut and paste review! oh my stars.

thanks so much for the bits you pointed out. i was very fond of the neville (the boy who could have been the boy who lives) line.


and writing luna is so tricky. so thanks for liking her. i adore her!

thanks so much for taking the time to leave such lovely feedback.


Reviewer: dindalay Signed
Date: 11/21/2007 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter Two - Singing Light Songs to the Heavy Hearted

Author's Response:
eeeeee! a cut and paste review! oh my stars.

*g* Well I had so much I wanted to say and it seemed the easiest way. It’s such a rich and detailed story that it deserves an in depth response. Even if the way of commenting on here is a little awkward :o/

Charlotte giggled as usual, before skipping over to look in the biscuit tin. Her little face pouted as she saw that it was still empty.

So is mine. *pout* Can Molly make me some too? Though I’m glad I don’t live near anyone like Molly. I’d be the size of a house. Those Weasley boys seem to have a metabolism like my brother. 6’4” and hollow legs. *shakes head* Where as I am 5’4” and put on weight even looking at a cake.

It left a gaping feeling in his chest, and he would have to remind himself to breathe. To not let the smile slip off his face.

Oh poor Harry. It’s not you babe. There doesn’t seem to be much talk about mental illness in the wizarding world, other than sever cases in St Mungos. But they are caused by violence and spells. I guess it is a kids series though.

Sometimes Ron would wake and reach out to take hold of Harry, and they would silently bring each other to climax, watching as Hermione held her breath for a moment and clutched at her pillow.

Now there’s an image. *g*

It meant so much to Harry to have Arthur -- such a kind and generous man-- in his life.

Awww, I’m so glad he came around. Harry needs someone. A father who is constant and kind and a good role model. It will be good for Charlie and Miranda too. To have a grandfather who will treat them equal.

Harry looked into the room and was shocked to realise that the crying was coming from the floor.

Ohh noes

And she wasn't sleeping. She was simply staring at the wall, her chest rising and falling with her slow breaths.
*sniff* Holds Hermione. Stokes her hair and keeps up a constant stream of comforting words. Come on sweetheart, you need to talk about this, you need to talk with your boys.  And chocolate. Can’t forget chocolate.

Hermione closed her eyes against the shock on Ron's face and willed herself to drift back into the inky darkness that had clouded her thoughts all day. It wasn't exactly pleasant, but still it felt much easier to deal with than the sense of failure that overwhelmed her when she considered what a pathetic job she was doing as a wife and mother. And lover. With Harry and Miranda in the family, there were just two more people to let down.

Such desolation. You capture this so well. I’ve been there and you do so well at putting all of that into words. It’s so realistic, it makes me ache. *hugs* At least she has family and people who love her. They’ll help her through this.  Help her get better.
It’s hard to find people who ‘understand’, that it’s not just a case of cheering up or getting on with it.

Tossing a pinch of Floo powder into the fireplace he knelt, leant his head into the green flame, and said firmly "The Burrow!"

Molly can be overbearing but if there’s one thing she does know about it’s being a mother. I hope she can help.

"What is this nonsense?" Molly said gently. "You are the centre of this home. They all need you. Now more than ever."

So true. I hope she can get through to her and the boys and get them started on the road to healing.

Hermione felt Molly's hand slowly stroking her hair. Heard the crooning comforting words. The words became a rough melody.

Ahhhh see, thought that was what she needed right now. Wont ‘make her better’ but it’s a start in the right direction. Ron did the right thing, going to his mum. It must have been hard for him to admit.

P.P.S. Don't eat the biscuits. They are for Little Charlie.
Harry looked over his shoulder before quickly popping the rest into his mouth.

Heheheheee oh dear. *g* I love this. Great bit of relief at the end here.

It’s good to see serious issues (that don’t involve super bad guys) being dealt with in fan fiction. Something as common as PND often gets forgotten in fics like this. I love the depth of their relationship, I love the magical/emotional connection but this story is so much more than that. It would be easy to make this all about sunshine and puppies and really great sex (oh not with the puppies). But you have managed to merge the wizarding world and real life problems together. It really brings the story to life and is something many people can relate to. It helps to know you’re not alone in having these feelings. I think you are also doing a great job of showing the other side of depression, Harry and Ron having to deal with someone who is depressed. I’ve been on both sides (my girl also has chronic depression and a disassociate disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome so when she gets depressed she shuts down completely) and you are capturing it so well.

*big hugs*

Author's Response:

oh you're making me all warm and fuzzy! thanks so much for :seeing: all of that. and yeah i've (maybe a little too obviously) dealt with this one from both sides. it has been a tough balance to give it the space it deserves, without losing the momentum of the fic and also just making it a real bummer to read.

thankyou for your thoughtful review. you've made my day. again.