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Bound by celeste9 Rated: FG - Family Guidance starstarstarstar [Reviews - 4]
Summary: Hermione Granger through the years.
Categories: Hallowed Halls > From Diagon Alley to Hogwarts, Hallowed Halls > Golden Trio
Characters: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley
Genres: Angst, Drama, General
Time Period: Voldemort's Second War
Warnings: Angst, Character Death, Het
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 6499 Read Count: 976
[Report This] Published: 02/27/2008 Updated: 02/27/2008
Reviewer: KaL Signed
Date: 02/28/2008 Title: Chapter 1: Bound

No she didn't love Harry Potter.  She loved Ron Weasly and lived happily ever after.

Catch Me If You Can by missgranger2 Rated: RT - Restricted Themes starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 338]
Summary: It's four years since the defeat of Voldemort. Ron is now an Auror. Hermione is working for the Department of the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures and gets a new intern by the name of Cormac McLaggen! Besides the new intern, Hermione and Ron as always have plenty to argue about!
Categories: The Broomshed > Erotic Couplings
Characters: Cormac McLaggen, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Various
Genres: Angst, Comedy, Romance
Time Period: Post-War
Warnings: Strong Sexual Content, Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 35 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 140844 Read Count: 102586
[Report This] Published: 03/08/2008 Updated: 09/27/2010
Reviewer: KaL Signed
Date: 04/03/2009 Title: Chapter 16: "Protection and Protocol"

Yeah! Another chapter that has love, jealousy, and a bit of saddness on Hermione's part.  I love the way Ron dolts on Hermione I love his little jealous tiraids that, really, he'll never out grow.  I thought the action between the trio was a nice reminder of how they care for each other.

I really think Hermione should take Arthur up on his advice to talk to Molly.  As you said Hermione doesn't like to feel like a failure, but is it a failure to talk through a problem with a confident?  I don't think she should continue with her psh. Dr. as she's too muggle prescribing anti-depressants etc and Hermione can't really tell her everything.  That would have to take a bit of a toll trying to speak honestly while hiding stuff.  

We learned in "Went Bad" that understress Hermione sometimes acts without thinking things out or asking for help when she should.

Cormac makes me sick.  What about those flowers?  Just a way to make Ron jealous or more sinister...hum.


Author's Response:

Hello Lovely KaL!

I do so love it when our boy is jealous myself! *grins* Poor Hermione really does need help and I thought the character of Arthur would be somebody whom she might listen too. I also don't think the Muggle doctor can properly help our girl, seeing as Hermione can't tell her everything. And yes love- I absolutely hate Cormac! He struck me as being a slimy git in the book and so I don't think he'd change his ways after Hogwarts. Thank you for your lovely comments dearest as it means so much to me! I really hope you enjoy the next chapter!!!!



Reviewer: KaL Signed
Date: 04/20/2010 Title: Chapter 31: "Life and Death"

WHAT!!! I leave for a couple of weeks and you kill Hermione? I can't leave you alone for a minute...

She sacrificed herself for Ron so I know that there has to be a way back for her, otherwise Ron will die too.

I love that she met up with Fred.  Now, what words of wisdom will he have for Hermione? (a big task).

I like having a strong Hermione on her way back, I love clever Ron, and I love seeing the Trio care for each other.  I love all the little hints you leave in the chapter that there will be a future.  I love this story and you with all your talent.  Hope all is going well.

Author's Response:

KaLynne! *gasps*

Where have you been, dear???? I've missed you. )>: Gosh it's so good to hear from you. And no you cannot leave me alone for one minute because I will do something completely crazy. *giggles*

There is so much I wish I could tell you about what I have planned but I just can't! *sighs* The new chapter should be up soon and you'll have 'some' of the answers. Of course I go off on a tangent at the end. (see-you can't leave me alone!) *laughs*

It was so good hearing from you. I swear when I saw your name it made my day! *hugs*

Much love!

Tammy (>:

Reviewer: KaL Signed
Date: 07/07/2010 Title: Chapter 1: Sense, Not Sensibility

I was so excited to see an update and got even more excited reading it.

Frank was a bad guy for quite some time?  He should have known that bad guys don't keep their word, he didn't afterall.  Sorry to see him die since he tried to save Ginny, but I hate traitors.

I love the blue path, roses, and books then to see it destroyed was so sad.  Hermione calling for Fred to save Ron, good call he is the only one able to get to him.

After all the scariness and fast pace I can't believe I actually felt a bit relieved at the end.  You left us with another cliff hanger but I know Fred got to Ron and he will save the day.

Author's Response:

It's the lovely KaLynne! *happy dance*

   I was so upset that Fred was killed in DH. Of all the characters I thought JKR might kill off, Fred never came to mind. The next chapter is probably going to be a bit longer than normal as I try to tie up lose ends. I'm working on it and have already re-read what I wrote so far and tweaked a few things. Gosh but I can't believe there are only two chapters left to write. It has been an amazing experience for me and I will miss working on this story. Thank you for all your support and kindness. I truly adore you so much!!! *hugs*

Much love!

Tammy (>:

Reviewer: KaL Signed
Date: 07/18/2008 Title: Chapter 8: Murder or Justice?

I've been following your story from the first, but see I have failed to comment.

I love the concept, I would have liked to know exactly what happened to Ron to put him in the hospital since that incedent seemed to send Hermione over the edge a little.  She's usually so strong.

I really like stories that are multi demensional Hermione's work, her relationship with Ron, Ron's work, then we go out to the extended family.  

I love your sex scenes...HOT.

I liked the way Ron talked to George about his worry for Hermione and that George wants to help.  So funny he needed Ron to hit him so he could get sympathy from Angelina.

Never like Cormac and I'm glad Ron put him in his place.  Now if he just stays there.  The elevator scene was touching but I was embarrasses for Hermione with Ron's letting his temper and tongue go.  I know he will always be jealous but nothing will stop him from protecting her.

I'm glad she's getting help, somtimes you just need to have a third party help you think things through.

Now, this chapter.  I always love to see the friendship between Ron and Harry.  I love how they can be so honest and open with each other.  I think they can really balance each other in their profession.  

This isn't the first story I've read where Harry takes responsibility for getting them caught by the snatchers but it isn't seen often and I think it was an important aspect of the story.  A lot of Harry's decisions in DH put the trio in danger, from taking Mad-eye's eys out of the door to his saying Voldermort's name.  It shows Harry isn't perfect.

I really like the background information; going to Australia, George and Angelina, background information always makes what's happening now more real. 

I enjoyed the way Harry told Ron the truth of what his actions would be but left Ron alone to come to the realization himself.  Too many times Ron is shown as reactive with not thought or restrant.

Love your story and can't wait for more.  Sooner better than later, please. 

Author's Response:

Dearest Kal!

   What a well thought out review you posted! I was beyond impressed I tell you! I'm so glad you are enjoying the story. I always worry that it will become boring to read. 

Now I see that you mentioned that it would be nice to find out more about that mission that got our boy hurt. I had never thought about it before...but you have my wheels turning in my head! Hmmm...I may possibly try to do just that. I do have a missing moment from the story that will post shortly and I hope you enjoy it.

I'm glad you like the sex scenes. I know I will probably never look at a coffee table the same way again!!!*laughs*

Thank you for taking the time to write such a wonderful and thorough review. I look forward to hearing from you again!



PS I can't stand that wanker Cormac...he's not done yet unfortunately. *sighs*

Reviewer: KaL Signed
Date: 09/04/2008 Title: Chapter 9: “Sketch Artists and Con Artists”

I was so glad to see your update.  I love a mystery.

I hope Ron and Harry track Martin Scabior quickly and bring him to justice.  It seems he has expanded far beyond Snatcher (who is evil enought).

I hope Hermione doesn't left her guard down with Cormac, he just doesn't seem to run true to me.  He is a devious liar and I just know he's trouble.

Loved Bibi.

Hope to see more really, really, soon.



Author's Response:

Hello Lovely KaL!

   How are you? Scabior is a real slimy scum bucket! Poor Ron and Harry won't catch him right away...hence the title! *smiles* As for know him very, very well! I loved how you called him a devious liar!!!! As always you are totally "spot on" about the characters. I loved Bibi too! Her character was inspired by two contestants on "Project Runway"...two male contestant! If you're familiar with the show, she's a mix of Jeffrey and Christian! I know, I know...weird!!!! Hey, I take inspiration where I can get it!*smiles* I hope to update this story a bit more frequently. I am currently working on chapter 29. I'm trying to be careful to make sure things make sense and fit together. Well dear, as always I was thrilled to hear from you! Let me know what you think of the next chapter!



Reviewer: KaL Signed
Date: 09/24/2008 Title: Chapter 1: Sense, Not Sensibility

I turly love "good" auror "bad" auror.  Ron and Harry pull this off wonderfully.  And Ron had to play "bad" auror his temper afterall.

Now you left me facing a terror like no other.  Not only am I frightened for Ron and Harry, but I'm sure it will spill over to Hermione and probably Ginny too.  By the way I hate the treasonist auror.  I do hope Ron takes care of him.

Please don't leave us waiting too long after leaving us this way.

Author's Response:

Hello Beautiful KaL!

  How are you? Oh yes-Ron just had to be the bad Auror! *laughs* I couldn't see Harry playing the part in this story! Scabior is evil...and there will be people put in danger! I hope that when the identity of the Auror scum is revealed that it will be a surprise! *crossing fingers*

  Thank you for your lovely review!!! I was so happy to hear from you!



Reviewer: KaL Signed
Date: 10/31/2008 Title: Chapter 12: Disappearances and Delights

Missed reviewing last time.  I hate Cormac he better not try and blackmail Hermione and Ron.  I hope Dr. Kaufman lives up to oath.


After reading all that Hermione has gone through I can see why she needs help.  It also really makes my want to know exactly what happened to Ron.


My heart broke for Ron and Hermione, but mostly Ron it’s always so hard on the person watching someone fall apart. 


Bathroom…hot, hot, hot.  Wish I could turn my bathroom into a tropical paradise.


Love your story, thanks for a great update.  Happy Halloween!!!

Author's Response:

Hello Lovely KaL!

  How are you? I am so happy to hear from you. I hate Cormac'll see what the jerk is up to in later chapters. I still need to write that missing moment you requested. I hope to get to it sometime dearest! I to wish I could transform my bathroom into something a bit more husband would be very excited indeed! *laughs* Thank you for your kind words as they mean so much! Happy Halloween to you to dear!



Reviewer: KaL Signed
Date: 05/04/2009 Title: Chapter 17: “Crooked Guards and Cranky Red Heads”

Oh my goodness, how slow am I in leaving a comment, sorry.

I really can't believe our boys didn't think about Hermione being the target.  What's up with them?  Ron doesn't trust Cormac but doesn't think about him when listening to Alazar McLaggen telling the other bad guy he didn't want him involved?  They are slipping here.

I'm guessing Hermione's panic attack is the perfect opportunity for Cormac to kidnap her and give her to his father(?)

I will say I'm getting a little tired of "panic attack" Hermione, I like her so much more when she's strong, which she will have to be now, huh.

I read you have 30 chapters done is that how long the story will be or longer.  

Love your stories, can't wait for more. 

Author's Response:

Hello Gorgeous KAL!

   You don't have to apologize ever! I have had a really long, frustrating day myself. When I saw you left a comment, it made me smile. (thanks!) The boys indeed make a slip-up when they think it is Ginny and not our girl. I sort of think they thought it was Ginny because she is the famous Harry Potter's wife and the sister of Ron. And because I adore you, I will tell you that they'll realize what's going on before long.

I am so sorry that I put our girl through so much! Smack me dear, as I can't help myself! *sighs* I am currently at thirty chapters and will probably finish it this summer. I stepped away as I couldn't decide how to end it.

My other lovely beta has the next chapter of your story!!! *squee!* I hope it gets posted up soon and more importantly, I hope you like it. It looks like it may be five chapters instead of four!

You are so kind. I thank you so much for your lovely comments. I hope you'll like the next chapter dearest!!!

*BIG hugs and XXX*


Reviewer: KaL Signed
Date: 05/28/2009 Title: Chapter 18: "Panic Attacks and Broken Dreams"

Well, I will say I was surprised that Hermione wasn't kidnapped after she fainted.  So now I'm worried about Ron being home alone.  Something to do with those flowers.  I hope Harry shows up and helps Ron sort things out and maybe save him. (I really can't make a good guess as I was so wrong last time)

I know Hermione has pushed Ron over the edge, but I really don't think he should blackmail her with the wedding, it's like he's saying I will only love you if you act the way I want you to.  And we all know Ron loves Hermione with all his heart.

As I said before I really miss strong logical Hermione.  The way she is now she's not thinking and it's causing too much hurt for herself, Ron and everyone.

Again, I can't wait for more, hurry, hurry please.

Author's Response:

Hello darling!

  I am so tired from work today! I saw your review on my i-phone and wanted to write a response then and there but I hate pushing the small buttons! *laughs* Ron is hurting. He blurted out the first thing he thought of that might keep her safe. She has worn him down to a point where he just couldn't handle it anymore. Trust me that he does love her with all his heart, though. I am so sorry that our girl is so sad dearest. There will be a change in her coming up soon but I can't really explain it to you without "spilling the beans".

I will be on vacation very shortly and plan on trying to finish up your story. I apologize for how long that its taking me! (slap me dear) You always make my day, you know that? Thanks for always being here dear. I hope you'll like the next chapter!  Because I adore you I'll let you know that you don't have to worry about our boy being home alone! *winks*

*Hundreds of Smooches and Hugs*



Reviewer: KaL Signed
Date: 06/19/2009 Title: Chapter 19: “S.O.S and S.O.B’s”

I’m so sorry I a bit late with my review.  I don’t want you to think I didn’t gobble this up as soon as I saw the update, I just didn’t have time to review the way I wanted to until now.


I hope that Healer Howard will really be able to help Hermione with the base of her problem being Ron as her joy and yet worst fear it won't be easy.  I hope she stays away from her Muggle Dr. lessening the chance of McLaggen kidnapping her.  Why else would he know when her appointment is unless he wants to cause some mischief with her?


I can understand why Ron is at his wits end and feeling so hopeless, but he needs to get that temper under control, threatening to call off the wedding turned out to be the worst thing he could have done almost strengthening Hermione's destructive feelings about herself. Maybe Fritz will be able to help them both.  By the I loved Molly in this chapter.  In her own way letting Ron know what she went through and that she loves and supports Hermione and she really does understand.


I went back and read all your stories connected with Catch Me and I think Hermione’s self doubting and panicking started when she had so much trouble when she found her parents after the war only to increase when she was accosted while helping Ron in WWW. 


Then when Ron was hurt she found the spell to save him but she felt her intellect failed her when she didn’t read one more page in the spell book and almost killed Ron even as she cured his wound.


I also noticed that in “When it all went wrong” they already suspected there was a spy or snitch in the Auror department.  On my re-read of chapter 18 Cormac recognized one of the Aurors (either Emeril or Tommy) guarding Hermione as one that met with the bad guys earlier.


I really wish it would occur Ron and Harry that Hermione might be a target and not just Ginny so they would take extra steps to protect her.  In her fragile state being kidnapped could send her right over the edge… or maybe it will bring the strong capable Hermione back.  I can no longer guess.


Thank you for the wonderful update can’t wait to read more, more, more.

Author's Response:

Hello My Lovely KaL!

Wow! What a wonderful review, you really have touched my heart. There is so much for our girl to try and sort out in her life right now. The mind healer will be trying to cure her by not only examining the most recent, painful memories, but those that are in the past as well. Hermione has always struck me as wanting to be perfect or do her very best. I think that is also part of why she has become so depressed because she can't get a handle on her feelings and so she feels like a failure. (poor girl)

You are very perseptive when it comes to the bad Auror, even though I can't reveal the full story yet. (sorry) I will tell you that Ron and Harry are worried about the wrong person and that's going to cause a situation to arise.

I am so blown away by your beautiful review. It's readers like you that make it so worthwhile for me to write. Thanks again and know that I will adore you to the end of time dear!!!!

Much love,


Reviewer: KaL Signed
Date: 07/15/2009 Title: Chapter 20: “Good-bye Darkness, Hello Light”

I was as relieved as Ron to have Hermione's "bad" memories gone.  She really did need a break before she broke permanently, but this just isn't the real whole Hermione.

I only hope Fritz can help her learn to live with all her memories intact.

It does seem that without those "bad" memories Hermione is becoming a little careless with her own safety, I can only hope Tiny and Nancy keep her safe if Ron isn't there.

I still don't know which one, Tommy or Emeril, is the bad Auror, which is driving me crazy, by the way. And I have looked for clues, but if there are any I've missed them.

Love scene was great not only hot but full of love, I know Ron is so happy to have his Hermione "back".  He needs to learn to live with all of Hermione's memories as much as she does.

Again can't wait for more.  It seems I live for these updates. Great chapter.

Author's Response:

Ahhhh! My darling KaL!

How are you dear??? No, I am afraid this is not a "whole" Hermione at all. She really has to deal with the painful memories and learn to get past them and not allow for them to rule her life. It will be hard, but I agree that it will also make her "whole" once more.

I can't reveal who who the bad Auror is or else I'll have to perform an Avada Kadavra on myself! *giggles* I believe it's a few chapters away.

And I so enjoyed writing a love scene where our girl was a bit mischievous. I am finding it bittersweet, as the whole situation involving her emotional state is rather sad. And you know I cannot seem to just allow her to be happy for too long! *winks* I liked writing Ron in this chapter because of his excitement and genuine happiness. The both of them deserved a bit of happiness for a change. *smiles*

Now...are you Jan at CM??? It's killing me you know. I don't know why I even started a thread there as it is quite "dead". *laughs* I hope you'll like the next chapter. I adore you my dear! *hugs*



PS One hour and thirty minutes until I see HBP!!! I am soooooo excited! *squee!*  

Reviewer: KaL Signed
Date: 07/31/2009 Title: Chapter 21: “Bad Dates and Good Advice”

Well the plot should be coming to Ron soon.  He has questions and is checking new leads.  I hope he's in time to save Hermione. Of course, the banter between him and Hermione was cute.  I feel like he does, I missed seeing Hermione happy.

Hermione's session with Fritz was so reveling her fear of rejection if she disappointed people must have been eating at her especially with her "failure" when Ron nearly died.  I really like Fritz he knows just what to say.

Cormac is a dick.  Hate, hate, hate him.  Not only is he after Hermione to hurt her, but sounds like he may be a rapist too.  I hope Harry and Ron (better Harry than Ron, temper, temper) send him away if not forever then 200 yrs. 

Author's Response:

My darling KaL! *squee!*

  How are you dear??? Yes, the plot is finally starting to get under way. He loves our girl so much and is over the moon that she is temporarily back to her old self. (bless them)

Our girl fears failure and that is kind of where a lot of her insecurities and fears are coming from. I think that Ron's near death was the catalyst to make her feel eaten alive by failure.  The prospect of losing him forever also pushed her over the edge. *sniffs*

I hate Cormac dear! I am not done with that fuckwit. They'll be some more stuff coming in later chapters dealing with him. *grins* I have been waiting to "get him" for years now and so will take out all of my hatred in this story!!!

Thanks for your lovely review! I adore you dear!



Reviewer: KaL Signed
Date: 08/24/2009 Title: Chapter 22: “A Fly in the Spider’s Web”

I really do wish I could figure out who the "bad" Auror is.  I guess I'm missing clues. 

I really enjoyed the family interaction and George, he was especially good here.  I always new the twins had hearts of gold and even though Fred's gone George wouldn't have lost his good heart. 

Ron's thankfulnes toward George and what he said to Hermione was touching.  Ron may still loose his temper but he is growing every day.

I don't know why Hermione would go to the muggle "healer" since Fritz is doing such a good job helping her.  I hope there is another wrench in the bad guys plans and she cancels her appointment.

Boy, with all your updates all at once I had trouble catching up.  That OK though I love catching up and have something to read.

Anxoiusly waiting for more.


Author's Response:

It's my dearest KaL! *squee!*

The bad Auror will be revealed...shortly. There is a twist to do with that too. *winks* I love George. I think everybody needs a George in their life! He is such a good person and I genuinely think he would do anything for his family.

I am going to have to look back in the story about the Muggle healer visit. I probably should have clarified somehow that Hermione is not going back but Cormac doesn't know that(!)

I was an updating fool this last week for sure. Actually, my betas were both able to work on my stories as one had been on vacation and the other out of town. They're great!

Thank you as always for your lovely comments and support my dear! I adore you so much! *hugs*



Reviewer: KaL Signed
Date: 09/18/2009 Title: Chapter 23: “Flirting With Disaster”

missgranger2, I must say I loved this lighter chapter along with the good news for Ginny and Harry it really made my day.

I liked Ginny's and Hermione's talk.  The way Ginny explained how she handles uncertainity has to help Hermione get her life under control. 

Apparate into the shower, sounds fun to me.

I can't believe Charlie, what does he thing he's doing?  I realize he hasn't been around to see how Ron reacts, but really.  I loved Ron following Charlie up to his room to confront  him rather than doing it in front of Hermione.  He's right she would have blamed herself.  But at the same time it was nice to know someone else appreciates Hermione for who and what she is.  "She's mine" should have put the fear of God into Charlie.  I don't think he'll step out of line again.

George's talk with Hermione was almost sad.  I remember reading a story where Molly was remembering watching Hermione look at herself in a mirror crying and Molly thought she wished the girl could see herself the way Ron does.  He's loved her for years and always thought she was not only brillant but beautiful.  Hermione is a very lucky girl.

I'm a little afraid after having such an upbeat happy chapter what will happen next.  Cormac, the "bad" Auror, and the organized mob planning to do something, I'm afraid our heros and in for it.  

Until next time I hope you take care and remember some of us depend on you for our fantasy life.  Lots of love.

Author's Response:

Oh KaL!

  Have I told you I love you lately? *hugs* Thank you so much for such a wonderful and touching review. It means so very much to me. *hugs you again*

This chapter was a bit lighter...sort of like the calm before the storm. *winks* There is so much coming up and frankly it's not very happy at all. (you know me!) *grins*

What Charlie did sort of just came from a whim I had. Hermione and him have this passion for magical creatures and I just sort of went with it. I wanted Ron to handle this in more of a mature way, instead of going off on him. And you are right- I don't think Charlie will ever make goo-goo eyes at Ron's girl again.

Hermione doesn't understand flirting from other men very much. She has had limited experience in that area I think. She didn't flirt with Ron and instead chose to argue with him. I always thought that it was a way for her to get some sort of romantic tension out that she didn't know how to deal with. I picture Hermione as being this very beautiful young woman who hasn't had a lot of experience with guys.  That being said, I think she wouldn't feel comfortable with attention from any man but Ron.

I hope you'll like the next chapter, dearest. You have truly made my day and I still can't believe how lovely you have been to me! *hugs* I adore you to pieces! *watery smile*

XXX and *BIG hugs*