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Fate of the Generations by BrandedFaithfully Rated: FG13 - Family Guidance13 starstarstarstar [Reviews - 125]
Summary: Past Featured StoryIn the summer after sixth year, Harry is faced with many decisions; how to proceed with the horcrux hunt, how to keep his friends safe and what to do about his ever changing feelings towards a certain red-haired girl. What if this 'power the Dark Lord knows not' was in him all the time, but was being repressed? And could Ron's first Order mission bring back the answers that could unlock this power, forcing all of them to relive an ancient story and break the curse that became the fate of the generations.
Categories: Hallowed Halls > Golden Trio
Characters: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley
Genres: Action/Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Trio
Time Period: None
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 33 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 164021 Read Count: 41670
[Report This] Published: 03/28/2007 Updated: 12/03/2008
Reviewer: idol269 Signed
Date: 08/20/2010 Title: Chapter 18: Chapter 18 - A Little Remodeling Job

Harry can be thick sometimes, can’t he?

I just want to say thanks for listening to me complain in some chapters, lol!  I don't know what it is, but some of Hermione's and Draco's actions pick at me in a way that usually doesn't bother me.  I've never left such detailed rants before at all.  I've felt the urge to use the review pages as my own personal pensieve before I go crazy, if you know what I mean.  I do enjoy the story, though--I wouldn't review if I didn't--so I hope I've avoided being too irritating!  That said, I figured I'd make use of the last days of my summer break and give the rest of my reviews with (uh oh) a few more comments.  I'd love to know if you think I've made any points at all or if I'm just full of it.  Turnabout is fair play, after all!

Reviewer: idol269 Signed
Date: 08/20/2010 Title: Chapter 24: Chapter 24 - Unspoken Desire

“But, she looked so frail, so helpless and she was his…friend.”  But he has no qualms leaving her to go shopping, shagging her in her frail state, or alerting her whereabouts to the people close to her only after it was clear that he won’t be getting sex from her?  Have I mentioned my intense dislike of Malfoy yet?  “This wasn’t his doing.”  Has he ever done something that was his fault, not Voldemort’s, or his father’s, or Potter’s, or Weasley’s, or Hermione’s …?

“This was her friend, but it was obvious that he wanted more.”  Why does she allow herself to constantly be around him in these situations?  And please don’t blame this entirely on hormones.

“No!  You are incredibly sexy, Draco and well, I haven’t done anything since…um…well, since summer and it…I mean you are fantastic, but…I just…I can’t…I’m in love with Ron.”  She loves Ron enough to tell another man how sexy he is while they’re both in a state of undress in the other man’s bed?  This isn’t the first time Hermione’s said these things to Draco either (astronomy tower).  Actions speak louder than words.  She can say “I love you, Ron” as much as she wants, but does it mean anything if she’s kissing and touching Draco while admiring his body every other chapter?  At some point it doesn’t matter who initiated it or how long it lasted; enough is enough. 

“She reached up, cupped his cheek and pulled him down to her level before placing a soft kiss on his cheek.  ‘Thank you, Draco.’ Draco smiled, looking at her in a way that made Ron’s gut twist.”  This is really hard for me to say.  I’m a diehard R/Hr shipper, always have been and will be, and I know that Hermione is pregnant.  But these lines sealed it for me.  I do not think that Ron should be in a romantic relationship with her.  I don’t think he should or would abandon her and the baby, but I can’t see how it would ever work out between them when Hermione kisses another man, one who has just admitted his love for her, one who has just seen her in states of undress, one who has just intimately touched her, in front of Ron.  We see his reaction to only the kiss and that was bad enough—he didn’t even know about the other stuff that just happened or the things that happened the other seemingly endless times Hermione and Draco get together, which Hermione has hidden from him (he’d have a stroke if he knew about those).  We see his reaction and Hermione is completely oblivious, once again more concerned with Draco’s feelings than with Ron’s.  Quite frankly Ron deserves better. 

Reviewer: idol269 Signed
Date: 08/20/2010 Title: Chapter 25: Chapter 25 - A Second Try

“I don’t want to be with Draco.  I…may have been a…a bit naïve in thinking that he only wanted friendship…” Understatement of the century.  You’d think she could figure it out after the first time something happened, or the second time, or the third time…  But I did feel you did a good job with the reconciliation (even if I don’t feel it was deserved).  It seemed very heartfelt.

“Speaking of….Draco came to visit me today.”  This line bothers me.  I don’t have a problem with her still seeing Draco but she still has not quashed his feelings once and for all and until she does she just prolongs Ron’s sufferings.  I wouldn’t be as critical of her failure to do this if it had only been one time, but it’s been multiple times and she still lies to Ron anytime she tells him nothing at all happened between her and Draco or that they are “just friends.”   Her unwillingness to value Ron’s needs as he values hers is why I don’t think Ron should stay with her.  Guess it’s good for her that Ron is more forgiving than I am.  It would take more for me than a simple "I'm sorry"; she needs to prove it with her actions.  Ron's powers of forgiveness are saintly, in my opinion.  We'll see if Hermione's serious in her apology or if she keeps making the same decisions that got her in this position.  It seems like nothing's changed regarding her continued meetings with Draco, something that doesn't bode well. 

Reviewer: idol269 Signed
Date: 08/20/2010 Title: Chapter 26: Chapter 26 - Coming to an Understanding

“When Ron told Hermione about their mission, she became very concerned and made him promise to be careful and to look after Draco as well.”  Seriously? Interesting scene between Ron and Draco in the cave.  Draco needs to get it through his thick skull that Hermione is with Ron and keep his slimy hands off her. “She wants me.”   This is exactly why I have been criticizing Hermione so much.  Draco still—still!—thinks that Hermione wants to be with him.  Didn’t Ron just say he’s going to marry Hermione, that they’re in love, that they’re going to have a baby?  Hermione, not Ron, needs to tell Draco.  It seems every chapter Draco does something like this and Hermione’s lack of rebuttal is irritating beyond belief (as are my constant criticisms, I’m sure, ha ha!).   

Reviewer: idol269 Signed
Date: 08/20/2010 Title: Chapter 28: Chapter 28 - Moment of Truth

“Draco pulled her close to him and tried to not pretend that he was pretending to have the best snog of his life.” I give credit to Draco (shocking!) for helping Hermione but enjoying that is just sick.


 I love a Pummeling!Ron :).


Reviewer: idol269 Signed
Date: 08/20/2010 Title: Chapter 29: Chapter 29 - A Brilliant Mind

You’ve done a really good job with Sage Advice! Bill.  I’ve really enjoyed his counseling scenes, this one with Hermione and the one with Ron in the earlier chapters. Using Ron’s poetry skills to help decipher the text was absolutely brilliant and original.  I had no idea that that was coming.  I also loved it when Hermione put Draco in his place regarding Ron’s poetry.  We need more of that and less of the icky kissing between them, lol!

Reviewer: idol269 Signed
Date: 08/20/2010 Title: Chapter 31: Chapter 31 - Acceptance

Well, I didn’t think it was possible, but this chapter completely renewed my faith in Ron and Hermione as a couple in this story.  The proposal was perfect.  Hermione finally recognized and rectified her mistakes.  I could finally believe her apologies.  It’s easily my favorite chapter. 

 PS: This chapter is begging for an outtake!

Author's Response: Idol, I must say you've been the bright spot in my week.  I've been working overtime this entire week - over 16 hours straight today.  So, stopping to read your reviews has been a thrill.  Thanks so much!  I hope you'll like the ending.  Can't wait to read.  ~Laurie

Reviewer: idol269 Signed
Date: 08/20/2010 Title: Chapter 32: Chapter 32 - Pieces of the Puzzle

“She was still smiling when he unexpectedly placed a small, friendly kiss on her lips.  Her smile dropped as she drew back from him, but Draco held still.  ‘I still think you are the loveliest creature I’ve ever met.’  He ran a hand down her arm.”  Again, a reason why I hate Draco.  Ron and Hermione have shown him kindness and friendship.  Ron has opened his home to Draco and gotten his family to show him support.  And Draco repays Ron by coming on to Hermione again?  Thank Merlin this is the penultimate chapter; I don’t know how much more of this slimy git’s advances I can stomach, lol!  I’m also disappointed that Hermione didn’t slap the shite out of him; her refusal to forcefully rebut these actions is really annoying.  But as someone once said, you can’t always get what you want.

Absolutely loved the flashback row between Ron and Hermione.  The emotions were so powerful, and we finally get a glimpse of all the misunderstandings and hurt that can be avoided when they are both completely honest with each other.  But I absolutely cringed  (and smiled because I could totally see him saying that) when Ron used the f-word--forbid.  Nothing good ever happens when you use that word.  It's probably a worse word to say that that other f-word, lol!

Reviewer: idol269 Signed
Date: 08/20/2010 Title: Chapter 33: Chapter 33 - A Curse is a Curse, Of Course, Of Course

Wow, that chapter was intense and perfectly executed.  I loved how you were able to seamlessly integrate all the details from previous chapters into the climax.  Well done. 

And finally Draco gets it that Hermione isn’t his.  That didn’t take long, did it?  After all is said and done, I still hate Draco and always will, but through his actions in some of the intense moments in the later chapters he earns my respect.  I do feel Draco can be redeemed in stories.  The brunt of my dislike for him in this story stems from the fact that I can't stand him with Hermione, rather than general dislike.  It irks me that he feels he can use that smarmy charm of his on her after all the shit he's put her through.  It just seems like he has no right to be with her in a romantic way, in my opinion.  So, I don’t need anyone to push him in front of the train anymore—I just need someone to throw his luggage overboard when the train hits full speed.  And I’m still waiting for Ron to break his front teeth if he touches Hermione inappropriately again. 



I also wanted to say how interesting the framework of this story was, with it spanning 2 years.  You get a final year at Hogwarts and a year of post-Hogwarts.  I’ve never seen anything like it.


Finally, I wanted to say how grateful I am that you were so accommodating of my rants and criticisms.  Not everyone would have the grace to tolerate me for that long!  Even though it might not have seemed like it at times, I did like the story, regardless of Slimy!Draco or Naïve-to-the-point-of-tears!Hermione.  I wouldn’t have kept reading and reviewing if I didn’t like it.  Now I just hope you don't think I'm crazy, lol!

PS: I loved epilogue Mummy and Daddy Hermione and Ron!  And its sort of a tradition for me with your stories to ask for outtakes at the end. How about an R/Hr wedding outtake?


Author's Response: Holy cow!  You are one of the "meatiest" reviewers I've ever had.  Makes me smile just looking over all the comments.  I knew when I wrote this that some people would hate the ending for Draco and some would love it.  I tried to take him on a journey throughout this story, a transformation of sorts and added in a little growth and maturity that molded him into a different person.  Some people are probably set on the idea that he is and will always be "the bad guy" but I think that people do change and getting out from under his father's influence probably made a difference.  I think that Hermione wasn't completely naive, nor was she not thinking of Ron's feelings.  Instead, I think our smart little Hermione saw the opportunity of extending an olive branch in a very tricky game with Draco that could have turned bad.  I think everyone has had one of those moments where the attraction or the excitement of the moment temporarily clouds your judgement, but underneath it all you never really lose focus of your life's original intent.  So, she had some moments with him that, looking back, might not have been wise, but somewhere in her mind, I think she was contriving a very delicate plan, orchestrating something grand.  Perhaps she accomplished her goal at the end and is sitting somewhere feeling very pleased with herself.  Who knows.  Your rants were just fine.  I'll look forward to more!  Thanks again so very much for all the reviews.  What a lovely treat for me!!  ~Laurie

"Like a Sister" by Leviathan Rated: RT - Restricted Themes starstarstarstar [Reviews - 35]
Summary: After Ron has left them, the Horcrux works on Hermione and Harry.

Takes place between Chapters 15 and 16 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Categories: The Broomshed > Dark Side
Characters: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger
Genres: Angst, Darkfic, Erotica
Time Period: Voldemort's Second War
Warnings: Angst, Contains Spoilers for DH
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 1939 Read Count: 31994
[Report This] Published: 08/19/2007 Updated: 08/19/2007
Reviewer: idol269 Signed
Date: 06/05/2012 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

This story is laughable.  The attempted characterizations are in no way related to what we see in the books.  Take the names off the characters and they are unrecognizable.  I suppose you'll tell me that that's the whole point...the locket made them do it!Well let's see...Harry wasn't wearing the locket, was he?  He's going to betray Ron in the worst way possible literally 4 seconds after Ron is gone?  How does he know Ron's not coming back right away?  You don’t think his brain is going to be a bit preoccupied with the shock that his best friend—his first friend!—just left?  You don’t think he’s going to feel a little guilty about practically shoving Ron out of the tent?  Harry, the man with the largest guilt complex ever? There is surprisingly little faith in Harry’s impulse control, lumping him in with the stereotypical sex-obsessed teenaged boy.  When has Harry ever put his pleasure over anything?  (The Horcrux!  But hasn’t he been more or less mentally linked to Voldemort for a while now?  What’s a Horcrux to Harry…especially one he wasn’t wearing at the time.)But now he’s just going to stand there and be railroaded by sexed-up Hermione?  I mean, tell me it’s not amusing when Harry is rendered incapable of thought at the sight of Hermione’s open shirt.  He’s written like he’s never seen a girl before and that he’s some sort of repressed virgin from a slapstick teen comedy.  I mean, he’s already had 2 girlfriends so I think he knows what breasts are.  Not to mention he’s not exactly sitting in his room jerking off…he’s kind of in the middle of a war here.  I mean, Hermione opens her shirt and he turns into an idiot, completely forgetting Voldemort, the war, his own heartache that Ron is gone, being chased by murderers, being responsible for the fate of the world, being cold, wet, hungry, and tired.  I’m sorry, but blood could not physically rush to his penis fast enough to overcome all of that.  I’d be surprised if he could even manufacture the desire to obtain an erection in the face of all of that.  Contrary to this story’s implied opinion, males do not respond sexually upon command.  Emotions do matter.  If someone just found out that he might never see his best friend again, the one he’s known half his life, I don’t think he’d be ready for action in the next minute.And the take that the locket somehow amplifies feelings that were already there is a tissue-thin plot driver.  If Harry and Hermione were so hot and heavy, why did it take until Ron left for them to screw each other?  Why didn’t they do it when he was passed out from blood loss?  Or asleep?  Or looking for food?  Or scouting the Ministry?  Or getting water?  Or taking a shower? Or on watch?  Heck, why not just do it right in front of him if this lust is so irrepressible? Why did the locket even drive them to sex, anyway?  I mean, reading Hermione go straight into cussing and ripping her clothes off ignores credulity, especially when we know what her canon reaction is.  Once again, she wore the locket before this and didn’t start swearing or stripping.  This story would have us believe that all it took for Hermione and Harry to fall into bed together was for Hermione to be angry with Ron and for him to be out of sight…yeah, like that’s never happened before! The locket amplifies what’s already there…so it amplifies a dubious lust claim instead of anything else?  Not insecurity, or remorse, or self-doubt, or self-hatred?  All of these feelings were present in Hermione and Harry when Ron was gone…in fact, it just seems like there is no respect for Ron as a character or for his influence/importance to Hermione or Harry.  Maybe that’s the real explanation after all, a commentary on Ron’s insignificance…because people who actually care about each other don’t try to destroy each other right after one of them leaves.I mean, Hermione’s reaction to all of this…no remorse, just a megalomaniacal brainwashing of Harry so she doesn’t have to talk about it.  Yikes…I don’t think Ron OR Harry fans would want them to end up with this version of Hermione, s scheming plotter seemingly incapable of any selfless emotion.Furthermore, the last few paragraphs of this story were really amusing, watching the historical justifications for Harry and Hermione’s mutual attraction get crowbarred in.  Where is this “attraction” is coming from; especially if you’re trying to make us all believe that this is a canon story with canon characters.  If this lust was so overpowering, why didn’t either of them even remotely come close to making a move on the other in any book?  The point-of-view of Harry Potter is first person from Harry’s point-of-view; it seems like something major like this would have been fairly easy to see and wouldn’t have needed some bizarre disclosure like we get here.  Hermione is extremely emotional and jealous…yet never channels this towards Harry when he’s with other girls.  She’s never upset that he doesn’t look at her as a romantic partner.  And Harry…like I said, the books are from his point-of-view!  He didn’t even try to hook up with her during the whole Lavender situation for goodness’ sakes.Oh, wait, I forgot—the answer to every question is the locket!  Too bad that thing got destroyed, it really took away the engine for a lot of zany road trips ;)PS: The sex scene reads like it was written by a 13-year-old…no offense if you’re 13!  “I'm fucking you Hermione!” moaned Harry…The orgasm that thundered through her nervous system like a stampede of mammoths…he stiffened, as she felt his jism splash up inside her”  

Author's Response: Sorry it didn't work for you. Perhaps if you're not up to dealing with stories in which characters fall influence to the malign influence of supernatural forces, stories about characters being influenced by malignant magical forces don't belong on your reading list. Thanks for reading.

Live...or Die Trying by missgranger2 Rated: RT - Restricted Themes starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 399]
Summary: Hermione becomes bitter and lost after Ron and Harry leave her.
Categories: The Broomshed > Erotic Couplings
Characters: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Various
Genres: Angst, Comedy, Romance
Time Period: Post-War
Warnings: Alternate Universe, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content
Series: None
Chapters: 33 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 134755 Read Count: 72309
[Report This] Published: 02/09/2008 Updated: 05/29/2011
Reviewer: idol269 Signed
Date: 05/29/2011 Title: Chapter 33: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Holy crap, it's actually letting me review here for the first time in forever!

Let me just start by saying I really hate that whiny wand-blocker Harry right now.  Ron should have shoved him down the elevator shaft and marched right back into Hermione's room.

I was super-worried when she wrote that note to Charlie--I didn't trust him!  She turned into this alcoholic under his watch...and now he throws her a party knowing about how she had a drinking problem.  Dumb-arse (although, we already knew that based on who he married, don't we?).  At least he didn't take advantage of her.

And I've said all along, I had faith that Ron could break through to the real Hermione.  The scenes between them in this chapter were great.  I can't wait until she verbalizes "I love you" and finally shows that all her defenses are worn down.

Author's Response:

Ahhhhh idol269! *happy friggin' dance*

  I'm so happy you can review!!! Yeah, Harry sort of did ruin that moment for them, eh? I thought about Charlie making the moves on her and then nixed the idea. I figure she's got enough to worry about right now. *laughs* As for the scene between our boy and girl, let's just say they're still taking baby steps. I think they realize that it is going to be hard to maintain a relationship once they are deep undercover. Oh but I have a lot to think about, eh? I love you to pieces and thanks for being here for me! *hugs you tight*

Muhc love,


Reviewer: idol269 Signed
Date: 07/30/2010 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 10 “Hatred and Hexes”

Jeez, Ginny's knid of a bitch, isn't she?  Everyone seems keen to heap all of the blame on Ron, which seems unfair.  I understand that he hurt Hermione, but as she's said herself, she's a big girl and can make her own decisions vis a vis drinks and dicks.  Furthermore, the other characters didn't do so much to help her out, did they?  Ron needs to tell his side of the story! 

And then shag Hermione! 

Multiple times!

Author's Response:

Hello Lovely idol269!

  Oh how I loved your comments! *giggles* My Ginny in this one is rather fiery. And our poor girl was sort of left to fend for herself. As you said though-Ron does need to tell his side of the story....and soon! *hugs*

Much love!

Tammy (>:

Reviewer: idol269 Signed
Date: 07/30/2010 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter 11 "The Wrath of David"

Harry's kind of a mimbo, lol.  I just have to say that I feel sorry for Ron.  Obviously, his past actions had some terrible results, but he was doing what he thought was best.  I think his reaction to seeing Hermione hurt shoes that he never meant to wreck her emotionally.  Until Ron tells what happened, it's hard to say what he could have done differently.

PS: David is a dickhead.  (Sticks toungue out at him; blows raspberry)

Author's Response:

Hello Dearest!

  You are keeping me busy tonight and I adore you for that! *hugs* Ron really does feel badly. In his defense things happened that were beyond his control. Yet, I think he will realize sooner or later that he should have told her in the first place. *winks* As for David-he is a dickhead, dear! (The jerk!!!!) *hugs*

Much love!

Tammy (>:  

Reviewer: idol269 Signed
Date: 07/30/2010 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 12 “Sins of the Past”

This chapter was brilliant. (Is that the right word, given the subject matter?)  Anyway, I was excited (right word?) to read about the impetus in Ron's past that led to his decisions.  I knew there had to be a "good" reason; our loyal boy would never just abandon Hermione like that. 

I think telling Ginny will help Ron see that it's possible for a female to hear what he was forced to do and not judge him or abandon him.  This could be the first step to maybe one day telling Hermione (I hope he tells her, she deserves to know).  I am so looking forward to seeing how he's going to save Hermione from herself.  She's stubborn as hell, but so is Ron--I'm not betting against him.

Author's Response:

Hello My Lovely!

  This was one of the most emotionally draining chapters I have ever written. I actually cried over it. I guess I wanted what he did to really justify why he abandoned her for Shannon. Look for this chapter to sort of be the catalyst torwards healing. (though slowly) And they are both stubborn as hell and so it is hard for both of them to forgive each other of their past sins. *hugs*

Much love!

Tammy (>: 

Reviewer: idol269 Signed
Date: 07/30/2010 Title: Chapter 13: Chapter 13 “Drunk and Disorderedly Conduct”

House elves as aurors!  Classic!  I think it's brilliant how you are able weave dramatic and comedic chapters together!  A double threat! 

Now all we need is some R/Hr lovin' and this story will have it all! 

Is that enough exclamation points?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response:

Hello Sweetie!

  You have made me smile so much tonight and I sincerely thank you for that. I have enjoyed writing this story so much. I hope you'll enjoy the next chapter and thank you once again for all your kindness, lovely! *hugs* I adore you!!! *hugs you again*

Much love!

Tammy (>: