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 am just me... although what that is exactly is up for debate...I have many names... AmandaLynn Adams Anderson, AmandaLynn, Amanda, Manda,Manda Panda, Mander,Mandi(y), Manawinn, Mana, PandaBear(burr),Pandaba, and many other things such as mushy gushy pet names and I am sure many unpleasant term from those ppl who I don't get along with LoL... I am a tom boy who loves fishing, football, most sports other than golf...and i dont like to play basketball but i do enjoy watching it! being outside and video games...(well I am learning to love them)bugs don't even freak me out.. well other than spiders but i like to consider them more as demons than bugs... but I'm still a girl who likes flowers, cute animals, boys, shinny stuff, SHOES, and you know sugar, spice and everything nice. I have a phenomenal bunch of friends... and my 5 best friends are the greatest ppl on earth (Ash thompson, Ang,Catilin, Shew, and Mark!) (Kristin Amore and shalena blanton are pretty amazing too.My boyfriend is a pretty cool kid, I'll keep him... for a while I suspose. I talk a lot and ramble about nothing, but i am a good listener... and I like to think I know a thing or two so I am pretty decent at dishing out advice. I am loving and willing to befriend anyone, and If I seem like a bitch its because I am, but that also means I probaly like you... Its the people I am nice to who should welp anything else you wanna know just ask!
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