Penname: Charlie Blue [Contact] Real name: Charlotte
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Dane, 32 years old, Harry Potter fan of course and only here to read and save stories. Don't really have the imagination requierd for writing HP fics.

I'm  mainly for:

1: Harry/Ginny

2: Ron/Hermione

3: Dean/Luna

4: Remus/Tonks

But I can also read Slash, threesomes (Harry/Hermione/Ron), foursomes (Harry/Ginny/Ron/Hermione), Older/Younger, smut, kink, well you name it and I'll read it. I'm not squeamish at all. Well I'll read anything aside for Rape, because that I will not stand for. I wont stand for the non-concentual sex either, where someone are forced, because that to me is Rape too. It is a truly horrible thing and I don't get people who can write that. I wont read about gross fetiches either and there are some in the world.

Anything else? Nope, I don't think so....  

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