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Favorite Authors
1. Antosha
Wrote The Locked Room series.  Harry/Ginny/Luna.
2. belovedranger
3. coffee_n_cocoa
4. deenas
5. eibbil libbie
6. Emma Grant
7. emmilyne
8. humantales
Dudley Dursley and the Knights of Walpurgis - Dudleyys daughter get a hogwarts letter.  How Babies Are Made - Ginny's son James has his own interpertation of the information.  Lachland Elf Storage - Malfoy diascovers a business he knew nothing about.  Oh Boy, I'm a Wizard - Dr. Sam Beckett (Quantum Leap) finds himself in a teenage  Wizard.
9. inell
10. kerryblaze
Many Weasley pairings and Trio pairings also Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny.
11. kjcp
12. kosh
One More Reason to Hate Deatheaters.  Various pairings, HP/RW, SB/RL.
13. madam_minnie
14. mapleandmahogany
15. meesha1971