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Female, 30ish. Relatively recent Harry Potter fan, as of GoF. Also likes LotR (movie and book), Batman, BtVS/AtS, the Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon, the Dark is Rising sequence by Susan Cooper, the Tortall books by Tamora Pierce, Disney's Gargoyles, Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar and modern day series and just too many others to list here. Primary reads: HG/DM, GW/DM, HG/SS, HP/HG, HP/GW, NT/RL, etc. Also reads well written slash and het (and RW/HG on occasion)  I'll read most things within reason.

Writes in Potter fandom: HG/SS, HG/DM  - implied and friendship - but romance isn't my strong suit; I do character vignettes and studies best.

Favorite HP characters: Snape, Hermione, Harry (pre OotP)and Remus.


Comments, compliments, and constructive criticism are always welcome, but flames, spam, and trolls are not - the reaction will not be pretty, and the spammer/flamer/troll will regret it.

I tend to answer when a email's given and I don't do author's notes with long thank you lists (I think it takes time away from the storytelling), so if you want acknowledgement or a response, include an email in your review and I'll drop you a line when RL allows it. (I'm a tech writer for the computer industry in the Seattle area... think Dilbert and cubicles.)

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