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Interview with Ron_Draco
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Affiliate Interview - Ron_Draco

This month we have the pleasure of sitting down with kerryblaze, the maintainer of Ron_Draco

  1. When did you take over managing Ron_Draco?
    Early 2006.

  2. Why Ron_Draco?
    Though Harry/Ron is my OTP, I enjoy reading Ron/Draco and since I don't write Ron/Draco… I applied for the mod position hoping that I could run challenges to poke more people into writing or drawing the pairing.

  3. Tell us a bit about how the community works.
    Other than the norm, posting fics/art, there are quarterly challenges to engage fans to give us more Ron/Draco!

  4. What are your future plans for Ron_Draco? Anything exciting in the works?
    The Ron/Draco Summer Feast is currently running and will end on September 30th. I'd like the fall challenge to be something more engaging and plot driven. Until then… it's a surprise. It will be announced on 10/15.

  5. What has been the most satisfying thing you've taken away from your experience managing Ron_Draco?
    I want the members to be the real "owners" of the community. So my first act as mod we to initiate a layout Art challenge and even though we only had two entries, they were both creative and lovely. The feedback that was given to the artist was tremendous and it was exactly what I was hoping for… members feeling like it is a true community.