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Interview with Really Corking
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  1. Which HP character is your favorite to draw and why?
    Harry. Embarrassingly enough, it's because of the messy black hair. Also, he's the most three-dimensional character; of course, since we see everything from Harry's perspective we know the most about him. The possibilities of situation, action, and expression when drawing him are endless.

  2. What other artists inspire you?
    I'm inspired by artists that can capture dynamic character interaction. Artists like Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Goya, and Delacroix are some of my favorites. I think it's because of their flair for human drama.

  3. Who are your OTP? Tell us why.
    Harry/Ginny is my OTP. Ginny's got a mind of her own, and seems to have a way of effectively slapping Harry upside the head when he's being illogical, mopey, or stupid. I can see their personalities clashing when they're angry, which adds a nice little bit of tension to the pairing. I pretty much just think they're rather sexy together. He needs someone normal, yet vibrant, to add some balance to his awful life. I also happily ship Harry/Ron, because hey, who understands Harry better than his Ron?

  4. How do you find inspiration for your commissions?
    I don't do a lot of commissions, because I don't enjoy the pressure to draw the "perfect drawing" for somebody. I draw fanart because it's a fun hobby, so if a commission doesn't sound like fun to me, I won't do it. I try not to take fanart too seriously.

  5. When did you first start drawing?
    I started to draw pretty seriously between the ages of 9 and 13. Unconsciously, I was actually doing a lot of fanart back then--I would draw a lot of imagery from books like the Little House on the Prairie series or horsey books by authors such as Margeurite Henry. From that particular time in my life, I have sketchbooks filled with horse drawings. I was rather obsessed.

  6. What medium do you prefer?
    Digitally, I always draw in photoshop. With natural media, I have a fondness for oil pastels

  7. Do you ever wake in the middle of the night with something in mind that *must be* drawn right then?
    Haha, no! I tend to sleep like a log, once I get started. Not even fanart ideas can wake me! But I often do get inspiration while I'm doing something fairly mindless, like commuting to or from work. I hash out elaborate ideas in my head and have the drawing pretty much ready to go before I even put pencil to paper.

  8. So what other fan artists out there do you appreciate the work of?
    Glockgal is the first fanartist I fell in love with, so she'll always hold a special place in my heart. She's fluid, natural, prolific, knows how to draw action and expressions, and draws a great variety of characters and situations. Inspiring, absolutely! I can't tear my eyes away from Neb's drawings, when it comes to color. The mood of her art is the epitome of Harry Potter to me. Celestialsoda's rich textures and compelling characterizations make me go back to her website every few months just to look through everything again. I need to stop at three of my favorites though, because I could very easily ramble on and on about fantastic fanartists and become quite tedious.

  9. Which character is the most challenging for you to illustrate?
    Ha! I'm most challenged by characters with extreme, abnormal physical characteristics. I'm awful at drawing Voldemort, and people like Mad-Eye or Fenrir are just beyond my comprehension.

  10. How long does it take to go from line-art to full-color pieces?
    Of course, it depends on the complexity and polish of a piece, but digitally, with one or two characters, I can draw something fairly finished in 2-3 hours.

  11. What is the craziest commission request you've received?
    I got a request once to illustrate a book, with original characters and all sorts of mystical creatures. It was much too ambitious for me at that point, though it was flattering to be asked.

  12. If you could draw anyone in the world, whom would you love to have the opportunity to sketch?
    I've never thought about this before! It seems like a "who would you like to sit and stare at for a really long time?" question in disguise. :) That being said, maybe Ewan McGregor. I could sketch him over and over again, I assure you.

  13. Who is your favorite Harry Potter Character?
    Harry! That's why I like to draw him so much. I love all his angst, insecurity, occasional cleverness, bravery, loyalty and kindness. He is, more or less, a sweetheart that has to deal with a lot of crap.

  14. If you were trapped in a room with your favorite character what would you want them to wear while you sketched them?
    What an EVIL question! Is there really any option besides "nothing?"

  15. When you're doing a commissioned piece from a specific story how much research do you put into that story?
    Usually I try to read the entire thing, unless it's practically a novel, complete with several prequels and sequels. I hardly ever read anything besides one-shots, so I always complain to myself a little at the prospect of reading something multi-chaptered. But in the end, the research usually pays off.

  16. Are there any situations or characters that you just refuse to draw?
    I don't think there's a character that I would refuse to attempt. But situationally, I just won't draw things that I really don't enjoy. Say, Death Eater smut, or extreme kinks or gore. Not my thing.

  17. What is your personal favorite piece that you've done?
    This Harry/Ginny --It's the most spontaneous oil pastel piece I've drawn. It seemed to just pop out effortlessly. I wish everything would work that way!

  18. What is your process for taking commissions?
    I'm not taking commissions at the moment, though I do hear people out if they want to request one. If something strikes my fancy, I'll start with a sketch, send it to the commissioner, and see what they think. I've learned my lesson when it comes to payment. Always get at least half up front, or you might get ripped off! No matter how good you think a person's intentions are, when it comes to drawing for money, you have to be very straightforward.

  19. In the process of drawing how much do you depend on someone else's vision of what the character's are in a commissioned piece?
    That's another lesson I've learned the hard way--always ask the commissioner to be VERY specific about they want. Some commissioners allow for a lot of artistic license, and some are very particular about exactly how they think it should be. Even down to hand positions and expressions! I prefer to know this right up front. If a person doesn't want to give me much freedom to interpret the characters, I probably won't do the commission. Like I said, I don't like to be too restricted in what I draw, because then it's not fun! And if it's not at least a little bit enjoyable for me, then it's not worth the money.

  20. If you could sketch the captains what type of sketch would you do?
    Competitive action!sketch!