Quidditch Assistant Guide

Quidditch Assistant ("QA") Guidelines

1. General Guidelines
  1. QAs will be familiar with The Quidditch Pitch's ToS and Submission Guidelines.
  2. QAs will be familiar with The Quidditch Pitch's Rating Guidelines.
  3. QAs will be well-versed in grammar and spelling.
  4. QAs will be permitted to upload their own stories (Validated Author).
  5. QAs have the right to decline beta reading a story due to content they are uncomfortable with.
  6. QAs will work multi-chaptered stories through to completion.
  7. QAs will be prompt in answering questions from the author, Quidditch Coordinators, and The Captains. Prompt is considered within 72 hours.
  8. QAs will follow all procedures and policies outline in the Quidditch Assistant Guidelines.
2. General Communication
  1. QAs will be assigned a quidditchpitch.org email address to utilize for beta work. This email address should be checked daily.
    1. If you need assistance about configuring your mail utility (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) to access this email account, please ask.
    2. If requested, we can set this email address to forward to another you check daily.
  2. Quidditch Coordinators and The Captains will approve stories in the queue and send an email to the betalist to let them know stories have been uploaded.
  3. QAs will check the beta queue and pull stories as needed. If a story languishes in the queue for 7 days or more The Captains will assign the story to QAs based on the preferences they listed on their application.
  4. QAs will inform The Captains via email if they are going to be unavailable to beta read for a certain period of time (i.e., vacation, finals, important papers due, real life) so that we may put them on hiatus. The Captains and Quidditch Coordinators understand that real life comes first.
  5. QAs will check the Beta Forum regularly.
  6. QAs will update The Captains and Quidditch Coordinators that the betaed version of the story has been uploaded to the upload folder.
3. Author Communication
  1. QAs will contact the author to verify that they have received the story for beta within a week of the story being uploaded to the beta queue.
  2. QAs will email the authors with a time frame to expect their story returned to them.
  3. QAs will notify the author if there are to be any delays in returning the story or chapter to them.
  4. QAs will send story or chapter back to the author with beta changes.
  5. QAs will wait for the author to approve changes before uploading.
4. Special Communication with The Captains
  1. QAs should email The Captains directly with the following items:
    1. Non-responsive authors: the author does not respond to your beta email.
    2. Belligerent authors: an author refuses to have story beta-read.
    3. Questionable content: something in a story that may violate our ToS and Submission Guidelines.
    4. Incorrect rating: you feel a rating must be changed to more accurately reflect the content, either higher or lower.
    5. Incorrect upload: the version of the story presented for final upload is not the betaed version, but the original with errors.
5. Quidditch Assistant Responsibilities
  1. QAs will edit stories for grammar and spelling.
  2. QAs will be responsible for making suggestions to improve the style and characterization in each story they beta.
  3. QAs will be responsible for working with authors to publish stories in a timely manner.
  4. QAs will be responsible for keeping open communication with The Captains, Quidditch Coordinators, and Authors.
6. Quidditch Assistant Workflow
  1. Stories are submitted by authors to The Quidditch Pitch.
  2. The Quidditch Coordinators and The Captains will either deny or approve stories. If approved, the approval email will inform author to expect to hear from a beta within two weeks.
  3. The Quidditch Coordinators and The Captains will send an email to the beta list to let them know a story has been uploaded to the beta queue.
  4. QAs will pick up the assignment from the beta queue within the two week window, then email the author to let them know they have picked up the story from the queue.
  5. QAs should give the author a time frame in which to expect the return of the betaed work.
  6. QAs beta the story, send it back to the author for review and correction. The QA will request that the author return the corrected version to them.
  7. QAs will email The Captains and let them know the story has been uploaded to the upload folder.

These new guidelines are effective immediately and are subject to change as the site grows and we work on developing a better beta process.

Last revised 27 June 2008