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Interview with Maria Abagnale

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Maria Abagnale

  1. Which HP character is your favorite to draw and why?
    Ron, ‘cause I love drawing his red hair, his blue eyes, his freckles... everything anyway xD

  2. What other artists inspire you?
    Enayla for is awsome realistic Illustrations! But I fell inspired by so much artist, from hp fandom and not, comics (I read so much of it, I love the french comics!) cartoon and etc...

  3. Who is your OTP? Tell us why.
    Ron/Hermione of course, but Harry/Ginny, Lily/James, Remus/Tonks too ...’cause I love canon paring! xD

  4. How do you find inspiration for your commissions?
    I find inspiration in everything, in comics, magazines, or movies too, because I use to make always a detailed search for my cartoonist work.

  5. When did you first start drawing?
    I drew since I was a little child. When I was a year I drew on [the] walls of my house! xD

  6. What medium do you prefer? I don’t have a favourite medium, because I love drawing in different ways and different styles.

  7. Do you ever wake in the middle of the night with something in mind that *must be* drawn right then?
    More or less. I have a lots of inspirations in the middle of the night, so for this cause I don’t sleep a lot just for thinking xD but I almost never draw in the night. I just preserve only my inspiration for the tomorrow!

  8. So what other fan artists out there do you appreciate the work of?
    There are so many, like Hito, Makani, Auroreblackcat, Mudlblood428, Reallycorking, Leelastarsky, and so much others...

  9. Which character is the most challenging for you to illustrate?
    Oh, for me they are all difficult ones, every time that I draw a character for me is a challenge, because J.K. Rowling has characterized so well that I always believe not to be able of to represent them!

  10. How long does it take to go from line-art to full-color pieces?
    It depends from the style I choose. About a day, anyway.

  11. What is the craziest commission request you’ve received?
    To be honest I never received a crazy commission xD I received always lovely commission *.*

  12. If you could draw anyone in the world, whom would you love to have the opportunity to sketch?
    Heath Ledger ( T__T ) and Alessandro Del Piero *__* I am a fan of football (or soccer)!

  13. Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?
    Always Ron xD

  14. If you were trapped in a room with your favorite character what would you want them to wear while you sketched them?
    Hogwarts uniform ( from the movies ) would be great **

  15. When you’re doing a commissioned piece from a specific story how much research do you put into that story?
    My english isn’t perfect... so I have to read the story twice, if something that I need isn’t write I ask to the author, but I usually received from them all informations cause they are so careful.

  16. Are there any situations or characters that you just refuse to draw?
    I don’t think I’ll make hentai or nc17 scenes and I don’t like drawing situations about H/Hr. Like characters...err no one in particular.

  17. What is your personal favorite piece that you’ve done?
    R/Hr kiss from Deathly Hallows. Editor’s Note: You can find that here.

  18. What is your process for taking commissions?
    I write on my livejournal when I have some free time and so I accept commissions, but I haven’t problems if someone ask me to do a commission in different time. Just ask! :D

  19. In the process of drawing how much do you depend on someone else’s vision of what the character’s are in a commissioned piece?
    So much! For this motive, I love that they is very descriptive of what them they want, but I investigate with questions however, in their fanfictions, lj and etc... I think in a commission the important thing is wath they wants, they pay me for this!

  20. If you could sketch the captains what type of sketch would you do?
    Just ask, you are the captains, you command! xD