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Interview with Kyuuketsukirui
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Editor's Choice for March - Kyuuketsukirui

We were lucky enough for Professor Lupin to find us after our interview with Rondastarr and lead us to Kyuuketsukirui. She is our Editor's Choice of the month for her story You're a Little Late. We had a delightful time speaking with her and look forward to more exciting stories from this author.

  1. How did you get involved with writing fan fiction?
    In 2002, I saw Queen of the Damned, which prompted me to reread the first three Vampire Chronicles books. At that time, I knew of fanfic, but I'd only read a few random stories here and there and wasn't really into it at all, but for some reason I decided to search for VC fic, and got hooked. I started writing a month or so after that, and I haven't stopped since. I was pretty much monofannish for about a year, then drifted into RPS and started writing a bit here and there in other fandoms as well. I started writing HP almost exactly a year ago (well, I had written one HP fic before that, but I only posted it to my journal and didn't do anything fandomy with it, so I don't really count it.)

  2. What story was the most fun to write? Which was the most challenging and why?
    I'll just answer with HP fics, but I guess most fun would be You're a Little Late. It was my first remix fic and I had a lot of fun trying to make it work. The hardest to write was No Understanding no Sound from Above. It was technically challenging to do the pronoun switching the way I wanted to without being too confusing, and it was also difficult in that it felt very revealing; I don't usually write about things that are that close to me.

  3. Who is your favorite Harry Potter character and why?
    Probably Remus. He's just so very not perfect in all the ways I like to write about.

  4. Where are you from and tell us something interesting about where you live.
    I'm from Los Angeles and have lived here all my life. We may move to San Francisco in the next couple of years, but on the whole I am pretty happy with LA and can't understand why people don't like it. As for something interesting…you don't really see celebs all that often unless you go to certain areas of town. So now you know, and knowing is half the battle, yadayada.

  5. What advice would you give other writers?
    Epithets are not your friends.

  6. What is your favorite food and would which famous person (non-HP) would you most like to share it with?
    I have lots of favorite foods; it's hard to choose just one. I suppose at the moment it would be this gorgonzola and cashew salad with French dressing that I make. Probably the fact that I've been eating it once or twice a day for most of the past year qualifies it as a fave. I can't say I've ever wanted to share food with a famous person, though. They can buy their own.

  7. If you were trapped in a cupboard with a Harry Potter character who would it be and what pick up line would you use on them?
    It would probably be Harry, since he's experienced with cupboards, but I've no desire to chat him up. I'd just put him to work figuring out how to get us out of there.

  8. Which is your favorite Harry Potter book?
    Goblet of Fire? I don't know, really. They're all pretty good.

  9. Do you think we're completely mental?
    Not any more so than most.

  10. What was the most shocking moment of the HP Series?
    Snape killing Dumbledore? I was spoilt for it by some stupid troll, but I didn't really think it was true. Sirius's death wasn't really very shocking as while I didn't know who would die, I knew someone was, so I kept waiting for it. Maybe the whole evil!Quirrell thing way back in the day.

  11. If you could ask JKR one thing what would it be?
    Um…I don't know! (Am I saying that a lot? I'm never good at these sorts of things.) My general philosophy is that if it's important enough, she'll put it in the books, and if it's not in there, it's up for speculation. And since I don't want any spoilers on the last book, that doesn't leave me with much to ask.

  12. Who is your role model?
    I don't believe in role models.

  13. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

  14. What three things would you take with you to a deserted island?
    Civilisation. The internet. My laptop.

  15. Which HP character would do the best on Survivor and why?
    I don't watch TV, so I don't have a very good idea about what Survivor is actually about. There are people on an island and they backstab each other and vote them off or something, yes? It sounds like Snape would be good at it.

  16. What is the defining moment in the characterization of your favorite character?
    I saved this for last because I keep looking at it and going I don't know! And I still don't know. So er…can we skip this one?

  17. What inspires you to write?
    It depends on the fandom, but I find with HP, I'm mostly interested in stuff that can work with canon, rather than writing AUs (though I do have one persistent idea for an Sirius/Remus rentboy AU). Because I'm mainly interested in writing Sirius and Remus, there's a lot to explore without canon interfering, since we only see a small portion of their lives and only through Harry's POV. Okay, that sort of went off on a tangent, but um, inspiration. Basically, I'll get ideas here and there for things I want to explore. Sometimes they can be directly influenced by canon, like with Sleeping with Ghosts, which was an idea I had ever since reading HBP, and sometimes they're more vague.

  18. If you could choose Harry's fate what would it be?
    I'd prefer he live, but I don't really have any feelings one way or the other beyond that.

  19. Which character is the hardest for you to write?
    A character I'm uninterested in would be hard to write, but I generally write only about characters I like, so none of them are really difficult.

  20. Give us your epitaph.
    "She wrote a lot of porn." Dude, I don't know. Really…