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Interview with Kenaz
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After stealing Ron and Harry's clothes we managed to get to the edges of the Forbidden Forrest where we met up with Kenaz. She led us to a clearing and we settled onto several mossy rocks sitting in a cluster around a small fire ring.

"I hate," Simon's Flower muttered, wrinkling her nose, "the outdoors."

"I do, too." Madam Minnie wiped her hands on my jeans. "It's so outside."

Kenaz and I shared a grin and we got down to business. She was open, friendly, and more than a bit enthusiastic about being interviewed.

"You and Madam Minnie share a deep bond," I grinned. "Remus/Sirius is her one true pairing. She's the one who turned us on to your story Thieves."

"It was a wonderful piece," Madam Minnie gushed as she shifted on the rock. "What inspires you to write?"

Kenaz drew a line in the dirt with a stick and grinned. "Often, it's a line of poetry, or even a line from an unrelated story. Sometimes I'll have a question that I want answered and decide to write the answer for myself."

I heard something a twig snap behind us and whirled around to see if I could determine the source. I couldn't see anything or anyone behind me so I turned my attention back to Kenaz.

"I'm always curious," I began, watching Simon's Flower sneeze several times in succession, "to hear which of the Harry Potter books is your favorite."

"So far, Order of the Phoenix," Kenaz said sadly. "It broke my heart though."

"I was so upset when Sirius fell through the veil," I said. "I was actually hoping it would be Hagrid."

Madam Minnie sniffled, "My poor Remus."

Simon's Flower shifted and muttered something about dirt and she would have to take an extra long shower when we arrived home. She reached over and wiped a bit of moss onto my jeans and I glared at her.

"Kenaz," she smirked at me. "Who is your favorite charcter in the Harry Potter series?"

"Can I have two?" Kenaz batted her eyelashes at us and we all laughed. I nodded my head and Kenaz continued, "Sirius Black and Remus Lupin."

I chuckled. "So how would you describe yourself then? More like Sirius or Remus?"

Kenaz drew a picture of a wolf in the dirt by her feet and grinned. "Small but fierce. That's how I imagine Remus to be!"

I glanced over at Madam Minnie as she asked her next question and noticed a rather large spider crawling on her back. I took my shoe off and silently approached her while she was distracted.

"Do you have any tried and true tips to tempt your muse?"

Simon's Flower raised her eyebrow and a smile played around Kenaz's lips as I lifted my shoe into the air.

"Strike while the iron is hot! If I have an idea, I'll try and drop everything until I can get it down on paper, even if it's disjointed and messy. There will always be time for revisions later," she said just as I brought the shoe down on the spider. Madam Minnie screamed and leapt up from her seat on the rock.

"What the hell was that for!" She glared at me as I showed her the bottom of my shoe.

"Spider." I shrugged and put my shoe back on. "Crawling up your back."

Kenaz chuckled as Madam Minnie muttered, "Bloody outdoors."

"So, if you could be any Harry Potter character who would you be?" I asked Kenaz as Madam Minnie danced around checking herself for more spiders.

"I'd like to say I'd be some important, pivotal person... but I'd probably just be '3rd Ravenclaw girl from the left.'" She sighed. "Madam Minnie, you can sit back down now. Annie killed the spider."

Madam Minnie shuddered again and Simon's Flower sneezed. She looked at Kenaz and I noticed her eyes were watering. She waved her hand and muttered, "Allergies."

"Do you want a tissue?" Kenaz offered and Simon's Flower shook her head.

"I'll be fine once I get back into climate controlled air." A smile played over her lips. "Do you have any favorite authors? We've noticed that most writers are also avid readers."

Kenaz drew a picture of a big dog in the dirt, next to the wolf, and thought for a moment. "Jeffrey Eugenides and Mary Renault, currently."

Simon's Flower swatted at a gnat that was circling her head and gave me a death glare. "Annie, no more outdoor interviews!" She turned back to Kenaz. "Do you have a special place you like to write? What kind of environment do you write in? Does it have to be quiet or can it be loud?"

Kenaz pulled a can of Off from the bag sitting by her feet and handed it to Simon's Flower.

"Try this," she giggled as Simon's Flower swatted at a pair of mosquitoes that had invaded her personal space. "It's pine fresh scent."

"Wonderful," Simon's Flower muttered. "My husband will love it."

Kenaz giggled, "I usually write perched on my bed with my laptop... the tv is usually on low in the background."

Madam Minnie tried to grab the can of Off from Simon's Flower and they began playing tug of war with it. I ignored them and focused my attention on Kenaz. She shook her head as they trampled through her picture of the wolf and dog and I snapped my fingers.

"Ladies, control yourselves!" I turned back to Kenaz as Madam Minnie let out a victory cry as she snagged the can of Off from Simon's Flower's hands. "What advice if any would you give to other writers?"

"Find a good beta!" Kenaz answered immediately. "Having someone who will be honest about your work and who will push you to exceed your own expectations is priceless."

Simon's Flower pulled her inhaler out of her purse and took a hit of it. She held her breath for a moment as Madam Minnie sprayed off all over her body.

"Kenaz," she wheezed. "If you were trapped in a room with one of the women or men from Harry Potter. Who would you choose and what color socks would you wear?"

Kenaz took the Off from Madam Minnie and stared over Simon's Flower's shoulder. I whirled around to see a rather large black dog coming through the clearing and I heard Madam Minnie mutter that it was the Grim.

"Sirius Black." We watched as the dog transformed. "Seamed stockings. Or he can wear them if he likes?it's all the same to me!"

Sirius wrapped an arm around her waist and I heard him whisper, "Kenaz, Remus is waiting for us and he's wearing the stockings this time."

She grinned and Madam Minnie called as they walked away, "Wait, what's the air speed velocity of a swallow?"

"What do you mean?" Kenaz and Sirius asked in unison. "Would that be African or European?"

Sirius Apparated them away and we turned to leave the Forbidden Forrest. It had been an interesting day over all and I was more than a bit exhausted.

We heard cheers coming from the vicinity of the Quidditch Pitch and headed towards the stands to see what was up.

"Interviewing Redblaze was worth a thousand dollars," Madam Minnie sighed.

"Interviewing Kerryblaze was naughty," Simon's Flower grinned and stared at the Pitch.

"Interviewing Kenaz was brilliant," Madam Minnie whispered.

"Seeing Ron and Harry running across the Pitch completely starkers..." I chuckled.

"Priceless," we said in unison.