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The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship - shieldmaiden

  1. How did you get involved with writing fan fiction?
    I had been a lurker for many years for various different fandoms and had tried my hand at writing once or twice, but I never really was active in any of them. Then last year I had a very vivid Harry Potter related dream that I had such a strong visual image from that I wished I was a visual artist.

    Since I have no talent in the visual arts whatsoever, and the image was haunting me, I wrote it down instead. That story eventually became Sacrifices, my first ever Harry Potter fanfic. Then, after some wonderful feedback from solstice_muse and hedwigs_bane over on LJ, I was encouraged to continue writing and to begin to post my work publicly. The rest just sort of fell to place, and I fell in love with writing.

  2. Who is your favorite Harry Potter character and why?
    I adore Ron! I honestly feel hes the heart of the series. He's not perfect, but he's a great friend, funny, has amazing red hair, and plays a kick ass game of chess!

  3. What was the most shocking moment of the HP series?
    Honestly, Hedwig's death. I never saw that one coming.

  4. If you could ask JKR one thing, what would it be?
    When you decided that you were going to kill one of the twins, how did you pick between Fred and George?

  5. What is the defining moment in the characterization of your favorite character?
    Ron destroying the locket! It's such an amazing scene! Although the chess scene in Sorcerer's Stone is a very close second.

  6. What advice would you give to first time writers?
    Write for yourself. Write the kinds of stories that you would want to read, and shoot for the stars. Anything is possible, and once you dream it, you can write it :)

  7. Which is your favorite Harry Potter book?
    That's a tie between Goblet of Fire and Half-Blood Prince.

  8. Tell us something interesting about where you are from.
    My hometown has its own Christmas song. It's set to the tune of Silver Bells and it pokes fun at the fact that the vast majority of us have Italian heritage by playing off of stereotypes. It's brilliant!

  9. What character is the easiest for you to write? Which character is nearly impossible?
    I'd say that I'm the most comfortable writing for Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Snape is definately the hardest for me. He's such a distinct character and I have trouble staying true to his unique voice.

  10. What would be the thing you'd miss most?
    I'm really revealing how much of a dork I am with this answer. I have a stuffed animal, a bunny that I've owned for as long as I can remember. I used to sleep with him at night when I was little, and he is so well loved that his material has become so worn out that he can't be washed anymore for fear of him disintegrating. Even though I've grown up and I haven't fallen asleep hugging him in years, if I ever lost Bunny, I'd honestly be devastated.

  11. Give us five ways you'd use the Imperius Curse.
    • To make other people clean for me.
    • To insure my financial security with minimal effort.
    • To put a stop to evil unpleasant kind of wank and replace it with the good kind of wank. You know, the kind that results in orgasmic delight :)
    • To make my boss give us a paid hour for lunch instead of an unpaid half-hour.
    • To get Rupert to give me an exclusive tour of his ice cream van.

  12. Fred and George have given you a Daydream Charm. Which four characters would star in your daydream and where would it take place?
    Only four? LOL:)

    Well, if forced to choose, it would have to be Harry, Ron, Fred, and George. And it would take place in, um Weasleys Wizard Whizzes after hours.

    Yes, that will do.

    *Drifts off into daydream*

  13. What is your favorite food and which famous person (non-HP) would you most like to share it with?
    Chinese food – or more specifically, Spicy chicken and broccoli in garlic sauce over pork fried rice. Yum. And I'd share it with Elijah Wood. I have such an enormous crush on that man it is not even funny:)

  14. What inspires you to write?
    The most random things imaginable. I could be driving down the street thinking about the fact that I need to buy new shoes and the next thing I know, I have a plot bunny that insists on being written.

  15. What type of environment do you like to write in?
    Well, the type of environment I like to write in, and the environment I actually have to write in are two completely different things. LOL.

    I like to write in a well lit, indoor space that is peaceful and quiet, perhaps with some soft music playing in the background and with my reference books within easy reach.

    My actual writing environment is loud, filled with the comings and goings of my large family and is fraught with interruptions. Occasionally I write in the lunch room at work during my horrendously short 30 minute lunch break, where I'm constantly on alert in case anyone decides to join me and I have to hide my slashy PWP from my co-workers.

  16. Who are your favorite real life authors?
    J.K. Rowling, Tolkien, Gregory Maguire, Marion Zimmer-Bradley, William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, C.S. Lewis, Tennessee Williams, Robert Frost, and Anne Bradstreet.

  17. What do you do for fun outside fandom?
    I'm a huge movie fan and I tend to watch them often. I have a shameful weakness for trashy paperback romance novels, even though they're outrageously predictable. I like listening to music, and I love musical theatre. I also like going to see live theatrical performances both of the musical and straight play variety, though I cannot afford to go as often as I would like.

  18. Do you think fandom is dying off with the end of the books?
    No way! There's still plenty of stories to tell, and possibilities to explore within the Wizarding World. JKR has created such a rich canvas and I can't imagine running out of ideas anytime soon :)

  19. Word association:
    Ron: red
    Harry: scar
    Bubblebath: fun
    Slash: hot
    George: holey
    Broomstick: flight

  20. What was your favorite moment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
    The entire chapter of The Silver Doe!

    *Hugs Ron*