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Interview with Ericahpfa

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  1. Which HP character is your favorite to draw and why?
    I would have to go with Charlie Weasley.  He is burly and big (and tattooed and pierced in my world) and has a sense of fun and adventure.  He is also relatively angst-free in canon so any picture with him can be light and direct.  No hidden pathos for him!

  2. What other artists inspire you?
    I think that is my absolute favorite artist.  No one I have ever seen, fandom or otherwise, can capture joy like she does.  And that is one of the toughest things to create in art. I haven't drawn anything in RL since high school, and that was fifteen years ago, but I was always interested in nature artists – Carl Brenders and Robert Bateman mostly.  Had I gone to art school as planned I would be more savvy and sophisticated about discussing art – but I am a mommy and so my artistic tastes are simple.  Hanging in my home I have several Robert Duncan, he uses family and friends for his subjects and the love for them shows in his work.

  3. Who is your OTP?  Tell us why.
    I was introduced to fandom two years ago by stumbling onto Checkmated, a fanfiction website for Ron & Hermione – who were my first OTP before I even knew what an OTP was!  They still hold a place in my heart and I try and sketch them whenever I can but Remus and Sirius have long since replaced them as my OTP.  Which can be so terrifically frustrating and heartbreaking.  As I said I am a very simple person, and good God these two are just so NOT.  There are times that I would love to chuck them out and fully embrace Charlie and Tonks (a close second for OTP) but I am waiting for that perfect fic that gives them a satisfying conclusion to their starcrossedness (it is SO a word).  And then I can be content to leave them – but that will never happen.  Which is, of course, why we love fandom like we do.

  4. How do you find inspiration for your commissions?
    Don't do them.  I have occasionally been asked to draw a specific picture for someone – and then I almost always have a very clear picture of what I will draw the moment that I read a story or a prompt.  And it very rarely changes.

  5. When did you first start drawing?
    Since I can remember.  There are framed "artworks by Erica" in my old elementary school.  I can remember one of them actually, it was a watercolour tiger and it was really quite good.  I went right through school as an artist and had an awesome art teacher in high school.  In grade twelve she sent me to several workshops and then would let me teach the grade eights and nines the techniques that I had learned.  After high school I stopped though, never drew anything other than Elmo and Cookie until two years ago.

  6. What medium do you prefer?
    Ball point pen.  I use a Bic Ultra Round Stic, Black medium.  It is the smoothest pen that I have found – and cheap!  I also use a mechanical pencil but they all seem to work the same, and the paper is simply computer paper.

  7. Do you ever wake in the middle of the night with something in mind that *must be* drawn right then?
    I have notes and lists all around my house.  I am in several communities that give monthly/weekly prompts and while most pictures will pop into my head the moment I read the prompt, some take time.  Especially now that I am trying to expand the characters that I draw.  I am hopeful that I will never have to draw in the middle of the night – I need my sleep!

  8. So what other fan artists out there do you appreciate the work of?
    Kasche, as mentioned.  I also looove Odella, tripperfunster, vikingcarrot, karasu_hime, gold_loewin, and blue_onion.

  9. Which character is the most challenging for you to illustrate?
    Probably Harry, I am not so much a fan of his.  I am terrible for letting my likes and dislikes of characters affect my drawings, although in the case of affection for them I do believe that it will come across on paper.  Remus can be tricky as well.  To scar or not to scar (I don't anymore and mourn their loss), and with his leanness it can be difficult not to emaciate him completely, or to make him look very young – which in higher rated pieces is a squick of mine.

  10. How long does it take to go from line-art to full-colour pieces?
    I don't actually color – ever.  But it takes about 30-60 minutes to go from pencil to scanner.  I also normally use references – finding those can sometimes take longer than drawing the actual picture.

  11. What is the craziest commission request you've received?
    Never have.  The few requests that I have had have been beautifully romantic.

  12. If you could draw anyone in the world, whom would you love to have the opportunity to sketch?
    I think Rachel Weisz is the most beautiful woman on the planet, but I can see a photograph of her whenever I turn on the computer.  I sketched my grandfather when I was a teenager and have always been sorry that I didn't pair it with a picture of my grandmother.  They are both gone now, but that would have been nice to have them together like that.

  13. Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?
    Remus Lupin, although I want to smack him almost as much as I want to wrap him up and keep him safe forever.  I also feel a great deal for Ron, and a bit of a kinship with both Molly and Hermione.

  14. If you were trapped in a room with your favorite character what would you want them to wear while you sketched them?
    Nothing – silly question.  Clothes are work, skin is soo much easier!

    Although I have been wanting to draw Sirius as a totally nelly cowboy for some time now – with leather chaps and everything!  I would rather not look into the reasons for that too closely.

  15. When you're doing a commissioned piece from a specific story how much research do you put into that story?
    Sorry – another n/a question.

  16. Are there any situations or characters that you just refuse to draw?
    At least half of what I draw is R/NC17 so there is quite a bit I wouldn't draw there.  Nothing underage, illegal, non-con, bloodplay, etc etc.  Otherwise I'm pretty easy going for situation.  Character on the other hand...I refuse to draw Remus/Snape, James/Sirius, and Harry/Hermione.

  17. What is your personal favorite piece that you've done?
    The Padfoot biting Moony piece is a favorite.  I also am so pleased with the trio that I did recently – it was a super rushed job but came out lovely.  There is also a NC17 with Charlie and a Dragon-y Tonks that was so much fun to draw.

  18. What is your process for taking commissions?
    I don't.  Been considering it though.

  19. In the process of drawing how much do you depend on someone else's vision of what the character's are in a commissioned piece?
    I don't do commissions (again – so sorry!).  I have been asked to draw pieces for specific stories though, and the more detail I am given the easier it is to complete a picture.  It becomes a bit of a connect-the-dots.  I can be both lazy and unimaginative sometimes so I love getting as many details as possible – from hairstyle and clothes to background and furniture.

  20. If you could sketch the captains what type of sketch would you do?
    The only kind I can – simple and dignified.  :)