Interview - Captain - DeenaS

Interview with DeenaS


  1. From where do you hail?
    South Arctic, Minnesota (Alexandria, MN)

  2. How did you get your start in fandom?
    I ordered the first three books from my daughter’s Scholastic book order from her school. I thought ’What the hell’ I read them in a week and went out and bought GoF. I finished that in three days and then bought OotP, devouring that one in a week. I then went to Leaky and from there, found fanfiction which has led to my continued downfall....

    What drew you into writing fanficiton?
    I wanted to know what the HELL Harry and Ginny got up to in that happy hour by the lake (hey the smut gene bloomed quickly) as well as a bunch of other things that crossed my mind....

  3. You’re having your co-captains over for drinks and cards.
    1. What drink would you serve...
      1. Annie? a strawberry margarita
      2. Auntee Mame? Jack and Coke
      3. Dream Wia Dream? a mojito
      4. Madam Minnie? sangria
      5. Simons Flower? milk, because her life is too hectic right now for anything stronger
    2. What kind of card game would you play? Texas Hold ’Em

  4. Are there any authors you fan girl?
    Fandom: LunaLovePotter, SolsticeMuse ILuvFanFics, Fizzmonkeys, SaraEK, LavenderBrown
    Real Life: Johanna Lindsey

  5. Why did you join the staff of the Quidditch Pitch?
    Uh, because you let me....

  6. Do you have a special skill that might be considered a bit odd?
    I can pinch with my big toe and second toe. I can also move my pinkie toe to the side.

  7. Do you have any advice for first time submitters to the Quidditch Pitch?
    Get a beta or someone you trust to give you honest advice and help. And no, I don’t answer that way because I’m the Beta and Forum Captain.

  8. What is your motto?
    What’s a motto? I don’t know...what’s a motto with you?

  9. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

  10. You’re vacationing with your co-captains!
    1. Where would you go? Rio de Janiero
    2. Who is the touristiest? Minnie
    3. Who stays drunk the entire time? Auntee Mame
    4. Who will keep you up at night making you do crazy things? Annie
    5. Who’s most likely to get a tattoo that relates to Harry Potter? Annie

  11. You get an entire day to watch the filming of Deathly Hallows. Which scenes would you want to see filmed?
    The Silver Doe chapter...The Forest Again....

  12. What is your greatest accomplishment to date?
    Becoming a mother, hands down.

  13. What are your hopes for The Quidditch Pitch?

  14. Give five words to describe yourself.
    Loving, smart, funny, spiritual, friendly.

  15. Movies vs Books! Which actor or actress has brought their character to life?
    I really like how Maggie Smith portrays Professor McGonagall. She is absolutely spectacular.

    Which actor or actress has done the most to destroy the book version you had in your head?
    People will hate me when I don’t say Emma Watson...Emma Thompson’s Trelawney isn’t my favorite as I always pictured her more, Lovegood-like. Ian Thorpe’s Quirrell was also a lot further from my vision. But really, I think every actor is very well-suited for their role. Yes, even Michael Gambon.

  16. What is your favorite story you have written?
    Multi-chaptered: “One Year” because it was a labor of love and I really was exhausted once I finished it. One-shot: A tie between “Ornaments” and “That Dark Place.” They were both emotional for me to write and served a purpose as I wrote them.

  17. Which book in the Harry Potter series is your favorite and why?
    Order of the Phoenix was for a long time before Deathly Hallows...and I don’t really know why.

  18. What inspires you the most when you are writing?
    My ideas come from strange, TV shows, the news, my life, others, abandoned plot bunnies.

  19. Which female from the Harry Potter universe would you like to go on a date with? Why?
    Nymphadora Tonks because she could change to be anything I wanted her to be and she is such a strong woman in a very masculine job. I admire her for that.

    Which male? Why?
    I’ll skip Harry because I’ve always loved him. I’d like to go out with Neville because he is so similar to Harry, yet we know so little about him. And besides, if he’s anything like Matt Lewis, he’s pretty hot after growing into himself.

  20. Each of your co-captains is a Harry Potter Character who are they and why?
    1. Annie Ron because she is the strategist behind the site
    2. Auntee Mame Harry because I say so
    3. Dream Wia Dream Remus Lupin because they are both quiet, capable and intelligent
    4. Madam Minnie Snape (duh!)
    5. Simons Flower Hermione because of the color-coding obsession

  21. How did you meet your Co-Captains?
    In a galaxy far, far away....

  22. Give us your epitaph.
    Commas are your friends.

  23. Give us five recreational uses for Veritaserum.
    I answered this one already! Remember? In the interview for Featured Story...all I remember is that one of them had to do with making Dubya tell the truth about the Iraqi war.

  24. Quick answer: Dan or Rupertcovered in chocolate sauce?
    Don’t make me choose!!!!!!

  25. Pick two characters to put under the Imperius curse. Which two would you pick and what would you make them do?
    Percy Weasley: I’d have him stand in the Room of Requirement and keep hitting his forehead and call himself stupid in front of everyone as he came through the portrait. I thought that reconciliation was just too easy and a cop out.
    Dolores Umbridge: I’d make her take that damned quill of hers and have her write “I am a bitch and evil to the core” until she bleeds to death. I hate her with the burning of a thousand suns and truly wanted her to get some comeuppance at the end of the series.

  26. What is the most fascinating place at Hogwarts?
    Professor Dumbledore’s office.

  27. Explain the beauty of het to Madam Minnie.
    My GOD...I’m new to this crowd and if you all haven’t been able to do it, then why the HELL would I?

  28. Describe these characters in three words.
    Ron loyal, funny, insecure
    Harry impulsive, emotional, lucky
    Hermione type-A, intelligent, overcompensating
    Snape misunderstood, irritating, skilled
    Dumbledore caring, protective, self-aware
    Molly strong, proud, loving
    Arthur quirky, low-key, stalwart
    Tonks clumsy, funny, Hufflepuff
    Kingsley respected, capable, underwritten

  29. Which book in the series is your favorite and why?
    See my answer for #17.

  30. Your favorite character and why?
    I know that if Shari reads this, she’s going to cringe, but I really like Ginny. She is feisty, opinionated and strong while still being caring, empathetic and intuitive. Besides, she gets to shag Harry.