Interview - QC - Brumeux

Interview with Brumeux

What Brumeux really looks like

  1. How did you get your start in fandom and what drew you into Harry Potter?
    We bought a copy of Philosopher’s Stone (pre-publicity) while on vacation in England, and I’ve been a fan ever since. But my route into fandom was less direct. I started looking for porn at the Nifty Archives, eventually strayed in Gundam Wing slash for a while. My first thought at the idea of Harry Potter porn was “Yuck! They’re only eleven!” but then I happened on a Remus/Sirius which I really liked (so puppyshipping was my original OTP). I haunted the Potter Slash Archives for a while, and many of the fics listed were actually on Live Journal. And when I came to an LJ fic I had to comment on but that disallowed anonymous comments, I got an account for myself. I wish I’d made a note of the fic’s name and author. Anyway, I found my true home in the Harry/Ron corner of fandom.

  2. What character is the easiest for you to write? Which character is nearly impossible?
    I do a fair number of H/R drabbles in the first person, without making it clear which boy is which, and those are fairly easy; but the easiest is probably the teenaged Remus I’ve written for a song fic challenge (I’ve only done fourteen of the hundred titles, I’m ashamed to say). He and James have a hot-but-secret relationship, but eventuallyand reluctantlyJames discards him for Lily. As for “impossible”, I could write a long list, or simply say “Slytherin”!

  3. How did you meet the Captains of the Quidditch Pitch?
    First I should say I’m a compulsive beta. When I started serious HP reading, I’d store copies of my favorite fics on my PC so I could read them even if I wasn’t onlinebut I’d go through them first and correct errors. Several authors I was reading had their fics archived at TQP, and they seemed to need less work when I copied them. So it seemed to be a quality site, and I volunteered to help. I was very impressed with the fact there was an entrance exam!

  4. Who is your favorite character and why?
    Harry. Without him there is no story, after all. But I love Ron and Remus and Neville and the other Weasley boys, and Hermione and Luna too. In fact, I love everybody who’s not in Slytherin. Despite Madam Minnie’s best attempts, my motto remains: “Sex with Slytherins is Evil!”

  5. How many fan girls cry out every time Simons Flower kills Ron and which ones has she injured the most?
    I’ll have to disqualify myself from this question. I don’t read deathfic, so I’m unaware of these nasty proclivities on the part of Simons Flower.

  6. Which Harry Potter book is your favorite and why?
    And “who’s my favorite child” I suppose is the next question. PS, because it’s the first glimpse into this phenomenal world. CoS, because it shows Rowling wasn’t just a one-shot wonder, and therefore opens up the vista of all seven years. PoA, because there’s Remus, and Oliver drowning himself in the showers and crying on Harry’s shoulder. GoF, because there’s the second task and Voldemort’s return and the whole thing gets so much darker and deeper. OotP, because Umbridge is evil in a way real live people are, not just people in stories; and I suspect it may actually be one of the best-written in the series. HBP, because it introduces the Horcruxes, turning the last volume into a genuine Quest. DH, because Harry dies and doesn’t die, and it’s the summation of everything that went before, which was all fabulous. If you twist my arm, I’ll go for Goblet of Fire, the centerpoint of the whole arc.

  7. Describe yourself in five words.
    Husband. Father. Hmm. This is tougheverything else I can think of seems to require three or four words. I could cheat: clinicallydepressedbuthaven’tlostmysenseofhumor. Do you buy that? How about oldbutonlyinthesensethateveryoneI’vemetinfandomisyoungerthanme? No, hunh? I give up.

  8. Are there any writers that inspire you? Any fandom writers?
    I don’t think so, at least as I understand the question. I’ve never put down a book thinking, “Now I’m going to write something”; or do something for that matter. Challenge me, in that I try to be careful that what I write has validity. Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Dorothy L. Sayers, Lois McMaster Bujold. (I can’t praise Bujold enough, and even better: she’s still alive and writing.) I won’t even get into fandom writers, because I’d miss somebody I should have mentioned. I will just say it was Shocolate’s fics that made me hang around Harry/Ron long enough for it to become my OTP.

  9. Why did you join the staff of The Quidditch Pitch?
    We sort of covered this in question 3; but I guess it was the idea of actually contributing something to fandom (since I wasn’t yet writing anything) in return for the enjoyment I got.

  10. Do you have any advice for first time submitters to The Quidditch Pitch?
    Not really. “We don’t bite”?

  11. Describe each of The Captains in ten words.
    Oh, dear. Is this where I have to confess I can’t always keep you all straight? (Oh, get your mind out of the gutter: I don’t care if you’re straight or not!) Sorted out. I’ll have to pass, and then each of you can think you’re the only one I really do know well.

  12. Give us your epitaph.
    Here lies a mild-mannered man. (Just slightly psycho.)

  13. Word association: What comes to mind when we say these words? Broomstick, Transfiguration, Bludger, Ron, Harry, Hermione, Hippogriff, dog collar, Firewhisky, Room of Requirement.
    Quidditch, McGonagall, rogue, Harry, Ron, intelligent, dance like, puppy love, drunken confessions, smut.

  14. What is the most fascinating place at Hogwarts?
    The Room of Requirement, because it’s never the same twice. Unless you need it to be.

  15. You’re having the Captains over to play Harry Potter Scene-It. What do you serve as appetizers?
    Which Captain would be drunk first?
    Madam Minnie.
    Who would win?
    I don’t know the game, I’m afraid.

  16. You and said favorite character are alone in Dumbledore’s office. What line would you use to seduce them?
    Oh, take pity on me. I haven’t had to pick anyone up for 27 years! Actually, “Take pity on me” might be the only way for me to pull Harry.

  17. You’re given a day to show JKR around your favorite city. What would you show her and give us three questions you would ask.
    My favorite city is London, and she could probably show me around better than I her. The questions: How did Voldemort retain his wand when he lost his body trying to kill Harry? How do the majority of wizardkind live undetected among Muggles without understanding Muggle money and Muggle clothing? And, Why didn’t you write some hot sex scenes between Ron and Harry?

  18. What four things could you not live without?
    Other than food, drink, shelter, and such? Books. Music. The Internet. My family and friends.

  19. What are your favorite things about fandom?
    It’s amazing to me that I haven’t met anyone nasty. Everyone seems to be incredibly accepting and nonjudgemental. (Even though some of my friends are no longer on speaking terms with others of my friends, I haven’t seen it directly.)

  20. What is your motto?
    What, you didn’t like “Sex with Slytherins is Evil”? Okay: “Do No Harm”.