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Interview with HP Ship ADD
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Affiliate Interview - HP Ship ADD

Our First affiliate interview is with the maintainers of hpship_add. Today, we talk with maintainers Crystallekil, Kerryblaze, and sapphyre_twins about the community and their plans for the future.

  1. How Did HP Ship ADD come to be?
    This was my baby. I was about three months into the fandom and up to my ass in OTP's, and I thought to myself, "Why isn't there a place to post fics that more than one pairing?" Because you always end up feeling like an asshole posting a two-or-more-pairing fic on a single-ship site. Thus, HP Ship A.D.D. was born. Kerry started it with me and we added Jen a short while later. I mostly use the community to post my all-ship challenges in an attempt to keep my personal journal FO.

  2. Explain the concept of HP Ship A.D.D.
    The concept of HP Ship ADD is simple: at least two or more pairings, rated Hard R or NC-17. There are challenges, collaboration projects with other communities, and even a Fuh-Q-Fest in the works, but anyone is welcome to post anything at anytime as long as it follows those two simple guidelines.

  3. Tell us a bit about how the site works.
    Join. Post. Read. :)

  4. What are your future plans for HP Ship A.D.D?
    As I stated above, there are plans for a FQF in the works, as well as a few side challenges once fandom calms down a bit. We hope to increase participation as well as members/watchers and influence readers to sail other ships besides their primary favorites.

  5. What has been the most satisfying thing you've taken away from your experience managing HP Ship ADD?
    I've made a few friends from that community alone, as well as inspired members to write multiple pairings to submit for past challenges, most of whom would probably not have even considered doing so before. It's challenging to me, also, to come up with challenges to fit the guidelines of the community, and nothing makes me happier than to see someone write something solely for one of my challenges. I like to inspire, to motivate, to influence, and I believe my position as co-moderator fulfills all three.