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Interview with GLEE
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Affiliate Interview - GLEE - Community for George Weasley/Lee Jordan shippers.

  1. Tell us a bit about the background of Glee_HP. How did the community get started?
    I have been 'shipping' George/Lee since about spring '06. There had been little to nothing written of the pairing up until then. After reading Deathly Hallows I thought many more people would think of the pairing so I created a community for it.

  2. Why Lee and George?
    George and Fred's best friend and trusted confidant has always been Lee Jordan. George and Lee have both shown themselves to be more sensitive in contrast to Fred. I imagine they entertained each other nicely at the Yule Ball while Fred danced with Angelina, making a nice mirror pairing. After the war, I believe they will turn to each other for support and comfort in their grief.

  3. What makes the Glee Community so special?
    We are the only community on Live Journal for George/Lee.

  4. Tell us how the community works.
    The community is open to everyone, to share discussion, post fic, art and recs.

  5. What are your future plans for GLEE?
    We are planning to have 'ficlet fest' to increase interest in the pairing.

  6. What has been the most satisfying thing you have taken away from Glee_HP Community.
    I've enjoyed meeting people who also lean towards the ship, who see the possibility I canon and pondering different interpretations of their dynamic through fic.