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Interview with Auntee_Mame
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We left Redblaze waiting in the boys dormitories for Ron and Harry to return and headed to the Quidditch changing rooms. Auntee_Mame had agreed to meet us there. Simon's Flower reminded Madam Minnie and I that we were not to gush over her Harry/Ron stories and we were not to embarrass her.

"Us?" Madam Minnie and I said in unison. "We are innocent angels!"

Simon's Flower snorted as we arrived at the changing room, "Right, you two keep telling yourself that."

We entered the changing room and found Auntee_Mame rifling through Ron's locker, "You know," she grinned as we came in. "I was curious if Ron wore boxers or briefs but apparently he goes commando."

I whimpered and Simon's Flower pinched my arm hard.

We introduced ourselves and sat down to get to know the author of the brilliant story Compatibility.

"I know this sounds like a stupid question but can you describe yourself in three words?" Simon's Flower asked.

Auntee_Mame smiled, "Passionate, perceptive, and dramatic."

"We can definitely see the passionate side in all the stories you write. Where do you get your inspiration?"

Auntee_Mame grabbed Ron's robes out of the locker and handed them to me. "Go on smell them, you know you want to."

I blushed and she grinned. "My inspiration is usually everyday things. Often something happens and I think what would a Harry Potter character do in this situation?" She paused. "Or sometimes a line, usually dialogue, just pops in my head and I'll write a story about it."

Simon's Flower stood up and looked at Auntee_Mame. "That happens to all of us I think. Which locker is Harry's?" She grinned when Auntee_Mame pointed her in the right direction. "I have to ask," Simon's Flower continued. "We all have our favorite Harry Potter book which is yours?"

Auntee_Mame straddled the bench and thought for a moment, "Goblet of Fire, because I feel it's not only the most dramatic but also the most soulful."

Madam Minnie took Ron's robes from me and handed them back to Auntee_Mame. "You know," she said thoughtfully. "If we just kept the robes -" she glanced at Simon's Flower who was rummaging through Harry's locker "- they would have to go back to the common room in their Quidditch uniforms."

"Or they could go back starkers," Auntee_Mame grinned and I giggled.

"So in the same line of questioning," Madam Minnie grinned. "Who is your favorite Harry Potter character and why?"

Auntee_Mame traced the Gryffindor crest on Ron's robes. "Ron because he's an average kid that doesn't back down from a challenge. He doesn't have Hermione's brains or Harry's destiny, but he doesn't run away--that's bravery and loyalty! Everyone should have a friend like Ron."

"That's one of the things I love about the characterization of Ron. Is that despite everything, his own fears, especially in Chamber of Secrets, he still went into the Forbidden Forest with Harry. He's always protecting either Harry or Hermione and he's proved he'd willingly die for Harry." I said and then blushed. "Sorry I'll shut up now."

"She's a Ron fan girl," Simon's Flower said as she continued to rummage through Harry's locker. "What environment do you prefer to write in? I know that Madam Minnie usually writes in total chaos and Annie usually writes whenever and wherever. Do you have to have it quiet?"

"I normally write on the couch with the television on and my hubby chattering away in my ear," she grinned. "I'm very good at tuning things out."

She began making a pile of Ron's clothing and motioned that Simon's Flower should do the same for Harry's. Madam Minnie arched her eyebrow and shook her head.

"You aren't really going to nick their clothes are you?" she asked.

"Yes," Simon's Flower and Auntee_Mame said in unison.

Madam Minnie watched the two of them for a moment and I could see she was biting her lip trying not to laugh. She took a deep breath and asked, "Who are your favorite authors? I know we are all avid readers and we're always curious about what other authors like to read."

Auntee_Mame set Ron's trainers on the bench next to her and smiled. "Dennis Lehane, he's best known for Mystic River, and though well-deserved, I love him for the Kenzie/Gennaro series. They are the best in the genre in my humble opinion." She paused and watched Simon's Flower folding Harry's t-shirt. "The Wrinkle in Time series was my Harry Potter when I was a kid. I read them over and over, forced my friends to read them, and obsessed about the characters. Fangirls are born not made."

"We should get a shirt made that says that," I grinned. "Do you have any tried and true attempts to tempt your muse?"

Auntee_Mame laughed, "My muse really likes late nights and lack of sleep. If I find that I can't write, I just stay up really late and *bang* she's ready to go."

"Yes," Simon's Flower said seriously. "Sleep deprivation is a wonderful thing."

Madam Minnie grinned as Simon's Flower stuffed Harry's clothes into her oversize purse. "Kerry, if you were a character in the Harry Potter books who would you be and why?"

Auntee_Mame handed Simon's Flower Ron's clothing and ran a hand through her hair, "Ginny Weasley. She's a bright girl who has a family that loves her, Harry's crazy about her, and I always wanted to be a redhead and have lots of older brothers."

"Oh," Simon's Flower said. "Look what I found!"

Our eyes widened when she held up Harry's invisibility cloak. The four of us looked at each other, and Madam Minnie sighed.

"It would be wrong."

"Very wrong," I agreed and stood up.

"Really naughty," Auntee_Mame grinned.

"But we're going to do it anyway, aren't we?" Simon's Flower asked.

"Yes!" we said in unison and draped the cloak over the four of us. We could hear the team coming back into the changing room after practice and swiftly moved towards the showers.

"A couple of more questions," I whispered as we heard Harry's voice ring out. "If you were trapped in a room and had to pick one of the men or women from Harry Potter to be naughty with, who would it be and what color socks would you wear?"

"Ron," Auntee_Mame whispered and nudged me as Dean Thomas came into the showers. "One crimson and one gold sock for Gryffindor of course."

Dean was quickly followed by Ron and Harry and I heard Simon's Flower whisper, "Oh my. Auntee_Mame what advice would you give other writers?"

We shuffled down the wall towards the two showers that Harry and Ron occupied. "Write what you feel comfortable writing. Don't try to write in a genre or pairing because you think it will impress the right people. That will come through in your writing. If you love and feel what you are writing, that is what will attract people to your stories."

We watched the water slide over our boys bodies and Madam Minnie whimpered. "Final question -- what's the airspeed velocity of a swallow?"

"African or European?" Auntee_Mame asked and we froze as Ron soaped his hair.

"Harry did you say something?" he called out.


"I feel like we're being watched," Ron said and I heard the other ladies suck in a deep breath as he slowly turned around.

Harry came out of the shower and I felt a shiver run through Simon's Flower. "Mate, you're mental you know that right?"

"Shut up, Harry." Ron grinned and resumed his shower

This interview was definitely illuminating and yes we did sneak out and steal their clothes.