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Quidditch Trading Cards - Top rated

Quidditch Trading Cards

The Artists of The Quidditch Pitch

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Snape and Lily03 Dec 2007
(2 votes)
Trio and Luna14 Feb 2004
Color by priscellie

(2 votes)
Double Agent01 Sep 2005
(2 votes)
Constant Vigilance2007
Just try having unprotected sex after this. XD

(2 votes)
Indefensible27 May 2007
For Phoenix Rising's Paintbrush & Quill
Paintbrush: "Indefensible" by _odella_
Quill: "Indefensible" by hogwartshoney

(2 votes)
Ernie and Hannah11 Dec 2006
Sketch request for effronteamonde.

(2 votes)
Lily in the Nursery19 Oct 2006
Here's one that the result of watching all these horror movies that have been on tv in preparation of Halloween. Not a happy piece of art, that's for sure.

(2 votes)
And So It Comes To This12 Sep 2006
Commission piece for odogoddess
From her story "And So It Comes To This" (

(2 votes)
Remus - sooper sekrit sex god costume18 Aug 2006
sidecar: We all know Remus is his mild-mannered alterego. In the bedroom he's a superhero SEX GOD.:)
me: Yes. Yes he is. He should have his own costume.
sidecar: I request your next artwork to be of Remus in his Superhero Sex Costume.
You know. If the mood ever strikes you. :)
me: hmmm, Remus in his sex god costume. Tempting, oh so tempting.

(2 votes)
Waiting15 Apr 2006
Full color

(2 votes)
The Pet17 Mar 2006
For 2006 wizard_love

(2 votes)
Idols of Perversity16 Mar 2006
This piece is based on a story by Bloodcult of Freud called "Idols of Perversity"
It's a Snape/Hermione story, and the picture will make a lot more sense if you read the story.

(2 votes)
Voldemort18 Nov 2005
Full color
After seeing Fiennes in Goblet of Fire I've got Voldy on the brain.

(2 votes)
Draco and Hermione07 Nov 2005
Full color
Here's a little special one inspired from the comments from bunney and itsbeenvery. This one's for you guys, enjoy!

(2 votes)
Dress Like a Pirate!19 Sep 2006
I wanted to do something special for Talk Like A Pirate Day, and at first I was going to dress up as a pirate and do a picspam, but I thought you'd like this better. swtalmnd came up with the idea, isn't it utterly precious?? Bwee. :3

(2 votes)
Real Wizards do it in KILTS!06 Jan 2006
Collaboration with autumnmoon, myrafur, and squirmy

Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Severus Snape and Bill Weasley

(2 votes)
Dance Fever29 Dec 2005
Gifty for d_copper

(2 votes)
Off to Battle
(2 votes)
In Her Roomfrom Brittpinkie's "In Her Room"
(2 votes)
Halloween 2005a header for Fiction Alley
(2 votes)
Fading Into Youfrom Velvethope's "In Essence: Undivided"
(2 votes)
(2 votes)
Wild and FreeFor Gerald.
(2 votes)
Potter Wedding
(2 votes)
Werewolf'Give five signs that identify the werewolf. Excellent question.'

'D'you think you managed to get all the signs?' said James in tones of mock concern.

'Think I did,' said Lupin seriously, as they joined the crowd thronging around the front doors eager to get out into the sunlit grounds. 'One: he's sitting on my chair. Two: he's wearing my clothes. Three: his name's Remus Lupin.'

(OotP, UK edition, p. 567)

(2 votes)
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