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Quidditch Trading Cards

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Top rated
A Year Like None Other2007
Poster for aspeninthesunlight's "A Year Like None Other": A hp gen fic staring Harry, Draco, and Snape

(1 votes)
Neville and Ginny11 Dec 2006
Sketch request for _kyri.

(1 votes)
Tattoo Series #2 - Charlie Weasley16 Jun 2006
Line art

(1 votes)
A spell for my enemies31 May 2006
For the snape_the_hbp fest! Juuuust in time, wheee. Here we have young Snape experimenting on some unfortunate animals as he creates his latest spell: "Sectusempra".

(1 votes)
Rainy Day Men07 Mar 2006
Fanart for starcrossedgirl's fic "Rainy Day Men" (which has pot smoking Snape! LOL)

(1 votes)
Boys Will Be Girls06 Sep 2005
A remix of an oooold illustration I did for icarusancalion's fic "Sex, Drugs & Deatheater Rock".

(1 votes)
Trio16 Mar 2005
My first ever Trio pic, I believe! Wheee.

(1 votes)
Legless26 Feb 2005
Heee, Sirius and James celebrating after the end of their NEWTS! And naturally, they arrive back to Gryffindor Tower when everyone else is asleep, drunk as lords and giggling away like little school boys. :DDDD <3 them. This is gift art for my dearest moshes. <333!! Watercolour and pencils on white card.

(1 votes)
Airborne19 Jan 2005
I DREW A DRAGON! *faints* Whee! This is dedicated to _lore for thinking of the idea. 'Tis is PENCIL :O and the scan is a bit fuzzy (sorry). But yee pencil. Charlie's playing catch with young Norbert. :3

(1 votes)
I Don't Want You To Be No Slave06 Jan 2005
This was inspired by the yee olde unforgetable 'Diet Coke Break' ad to the tune of Etta James' 'I Just Want To Make Love To You'. Just imagine that he's taking a break from a hard few hours of working at his cauldron, and Harry's under his invisibility cloak in the corner, watching in awe. >_>

(1 votes)
Theodore Nott18 Jul 2004
For hp_art_deck

(1 votes)
(1 votes)
Studio per un Tatuaggio (particolare)
(1 votes)
Studio per un Tatuaggio
(1 votes)
Prima BozzaWell, I was looking into my files, and I found out this OLD one.
As you can see, this Harry is the one I used for my "chamber of secret" pic, which I posted long time ago.
I'm posting this now, because I like my little sketch of Ron (that couldn't stay in the new idea I had for the final illustration).

(1 votes)
Bozza Triook, this is a very rough sketch, and I think that I'll never finish,I don't know.
(1 votes)
The Malfoys08 Dec 2005
Lucius, Narcissa and Draco Malfoy

(1 votes)
Have a Seat08 Dec 2005
Harry and Ginny

(1 votes)
Walking10 Oct 2005
Remus and Tonks

(1 votes)
Auror RonFor the Auror Letters RPG on LiveJournal. Note he and Harry have matching tattoos.
(1 votes)
Trio in the Snow
(1 votes)
Order of the Phoenix Chapter 26Harry makes the cover of the Lovegood family's magazine the Quibbler in this chapter of "Order of the Phoenix."
(1 votes)
Grindelwald the Thief28 Jul 2007
(1 votes)
Regulus16 Apr 2006
(1 votes)
Bellatrix23 Nov 2005
(1 votes)
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