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Quidditch Trading Cards - Top rated

Quidditch Trading Cards

The Artists of The Quidditch Pitch

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Top rated
Dumbledore in his 30s16 Jan 2006
Part of a series of paintings chronicling Dumbledore's life. This is Dumbledore in his 30s.

(1 votes)
Dumbledore in his 20s16 Jan 2006
Part of a series of paintings chronicling Dumbledore's life. This is Dumbledore in his 20s.

(1 votes)
Snape and Pettigrew18 Dec 2005
Peter Pettigrew and Severus Snape

(1 votes)
Scrimgeour08 Dec 2005
Rufus Scrimgeour. In this picture Scrimgeour is considering taking a nice holiday, going to the Caribbean and never coming back.

(1 votes)
Dumbledore08 Dec 2005
Young Dumbledore. Dumbledore (-) at least 110 years (=) massive amounts of drooling from my inner fangirl.

(1 votes)
Couch16 Nov 2005
Remus and Tonks on the couch.

(1 votes)
The Black Brothers04 Nov 2005
Sirius and Regulus Black

(1 votes)
Remus and Tonks04 Nov 2005
Remus and Tonks

(1 votes)
Lupin and Shacklebolt04 Nov 2005
Remus Lupin and Kingsley Shacklebolt

(1 votes)
Dumbledore and McGonagall04 Nov 2005
Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall

(1 votes)
Remus and Tonks in Winter10 Oct 2005
Remus and Tonks in winter

(1 votes)
Padfoot and Lupin12 Sep 2005
This painting is set during Halloween and it's just Padfoot and Lupin at Grimmauld Place. There's a joke in it to compensate for the angst. It's a little one, but it's there.

(1 votes)
The Cave - Liquid12 Sep 2005
Another Cave Scene with Harry and Dumbledore. I love the whole sequence, I think it's my favorite part of the book, even though it disturbs the hell out of me.

(1 votes)
Harry and Remus19 Aug 2005
Remus and Harry in Remus's Defence office.

(1 votes)
The Cave12 Aug 2005
This scene is when they already have the locket and are getting out of the cave. And I think Dumbledore was wearing a black travelling cloak, but black treavelling cloaks are not as fun to design as robes, so I just made him with robes.

(1 votes)
Fawkes and Dumbledore05 Aug 2005
Fawkes mourning Dumbledore

(1 votes)
Picnic21 Jul 2005
Remus and Tonks on a picnic

(1 votes)
Sirius and Remus18 Jul 2005
This was meant to be as a little joke. It's Sirius and Remus at Grimmauld Place and they're getting a bit drunk and deciding what to do with their least favorite people.

(1 votes)
Department of Mysteries18 Jul 2005
This painting is when Lupin jumps in between Malfoy and Harry/Neville during the DoM battle. It's a medium shot when Remus tells Harry to round up the others and go.

(1 votes)
Lupin, Dumbledore and gargoyles18 Jul 2005
(1 votes)
The Good WifeArtwork by glockgal
Fic by LadyTory

(1 votes)
Draco/Hermione16 Sep 2007
Commission for insatiable_jrt

(1 votes)
Sirius and James - The Secret Keeper18 Aug 2007
(1 votes)
Draco - My Wand02 Aug 2007
(1 votes)
Sirius and Regulus Her Obedient Sons31 Dec 2006
(1 votes)
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