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Snape Sketch (2)175 views13 Nov 2003
Dan Radcliffe175 views21 Feb 2004
Sirius175 views11 Nov 2005
Happy 2 year LJ anniversary to meeee!
Viktor Krum175 views28 Nov 2005
So, in a glorious display of how to waste time instead of actually doing any real work today, I played with some red and black pens and drew little pictures for an hour. Here's one of them :P
Prima Bozza175 viewsWell, I was looking into my files, and I found out this OLD one.
As you can see, this Harry is the one I used for my "chamber of secret" pic, which I posted long time ago.
I'm posting this now, because I like my little sketch of Ron (that couldn't stay in the new idea I had for the final illustration).
Sirius with horse174 views02 Jan 2007
Commission by frystrm
Maroon Jumper173 views09 Aug 2004
So, that maroon jumper Ron wears in PoA? I own one just like it (except it's more brown than maroon) and it's like, my FAVE jumper ever. I wear it all the time in winter.
Narcissism173 views09 Sep 2005
Collaboration with glockgal

So, you guys remember "Double double" that Glock and I drew together? Well, we drew this today to sort of go with it. Ahahahahah. Um. :P
Ravenclaw173 views2007
Flitwick done for my Head of House Series: Ravenclaw
Severus172 views29 Oct 2003
Career172 views31 Jan 2004
Percy in a French maid outfit.
Unlikely Prey172 views23 Jul 2006
Scrimgeour sketch171 views08 Jun 2006
A sketch of Minister for Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour
Harry170 views25 Aug 2005
Aww Harry, he's so bashful! *cuddles him*
Voldemort170 views18 Nov 2005
Line art
After seeing Fiennes in Goblet of Fire I've got Voldy on the brain.
Cedric and Harry170 views08 Dec 2005
Commission by bzzinglikeneon
Mad-Eye Moody169 views27 Feb 2006
Barty Crouch Sr169 views18 Apr 2006
Bozza Trio168 viewsok, this is a very rough sketch, and I think that I'll never finish,I don't know.
Hermione, Queen of the Gryffindors167 views03 Jan 2006
Line art
This is for the hp_fringeart January challenge of imitation of a famous artwork. Alphonse Mucha is one of my favourite artists, so naturally I couldn't resist. It's Hermione based on the Zodiac poster.
Harry166 views21 Mar 2005
Collaboration with glockgal

Glock did a rough outline of her Harry, and I filled in the details. I loved this exercise! It's really odd how our drawings of anatomies are totally different, even though it looks perfectly normal in finished pieces. When I started filling the details, I was all "WTF this is totally different from my anatomy! Have I been doing it wrong all along??" A very interesting experience. :D
Snape and Lupin165 views05 Mar 2006
Line art
And as a big thank you to sesptwd for her recent generosity, here is Snape/Lupin art as a gift.
Fenrir Greyback164 views18 Jul 2005
It's Fenrir Greyback! Omg I love this new character, he's utterly vile and evil and sexy and vicious and lauwojlaeo3jfnfakhka FENRIR/REMUS 4EVA!
Luna164 views22 Oct 2007
Commission by loveflyfree
Viktor Krum Portrait163 views30 Oct 2003
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