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Dumbledore and young Tom Riddle204 views2005
Airborne204 views19 Jan 2005
I DREW A DRAGON! *faints* Whee! This is dedicated to _lore for thinking of the idea. 'Tis is PENCIL :O and the scan is a bit fuzzy (sorry). But yee pencil. Charlie's playing catch with young Norbert. :3
He's a Tramp204 views22 Sep 2005
I drew this on Wednesday at balefully's prompting, haha! We were listening to "He's A Tramp" from "Lady & The Tramp", when she said "Omg, Tramp is totally Sirius!" So then I just had to draw Remus in a cabaret get-up, singing the song huskily into a microphone a la Peggy Lee. XD! Um, enjoy!
Harry Potter, Fourth Year204 views01 Oct 2005
Fraternizing with the Enemy204 views02 Mar 2006
Line art
Here's a piece for hp_fringeart March challenge of fraternizing with the enemy. It's Draco/Hermione and they're just having a little bit of fun. Because you know they really dig each other.
Wrapped Around My Finger203 views20 Mar 2004
Bill Weasley203 views04 Apr 2004
This has been a long time coming, but finally I've drawn Bill Weasley, as requested by the ever-so generous darling who gave me extra icon space.
Ok, so it's a very crap Egyptian pseudo-background, and I'm well aware I made a total mess of his jeans... Um.
Young Lucius203 views2005
Harry Again203 views23 Nov 2005
Tom Riddle203 views17 Feb 2007
Sirius Black203 viewsWell, I had to try ^__^
Sirius was an fascinating character and I wanted to portray him when he was still young.
Can you guess what is the scene represented here?

Sirius Black202 views20 Feb 2007
Ricordi202 viewsuhmm.. Another drawing, more a sketch, I should say..
well, I hope you like it.
SPEW202 viewsjust a pic I made with markers.
I hope you'll like it
Whisper201 views13 Nov 2003
Perhaps when they were in their early twenties (??).
So Goth It Hurts201 views18 Feb 2004
This is for the So Goth It Hurts challenge at andropotterist.
Colored Ron201 views25 Jan 2004
Ron Weasley201 views21 Feb 2004
Double double201 views15 Mar 2005
Collaboration with glockgal

Ahahaha, cracktastic! Second of the many drawings from the weekend of PrawnSquee. Glock collab with meeee!!! aslkdfjnklsdfmljse!!!11!1 *swoons with joy*
Lucius and Severus201 views20 Nov 2005
Commission by jateshi
Outsides201 views30 Aug 2006
Unofficial fanart100 prompt generic hp thing
Harry/Ron201 views26 Dec 2006
Commission by auntee_mame
Master of Enchantment201 views18 Mar 2007
Commissioned by sshg316 and mollyssister for subvers's birthday. These are scenes from her stories "His Draught of Delicate Poison" ( and "Master of Enchantment" (
Tentative200 views11 May 2005
I suddenly felt like drawing a cute kissing scene, so moshes suggested I go for a cutesy Harry/Ron thinger. So, here it is!
Tally ho, Remus199 views20 Mar 2004
For scribbulus_ink, mod of pervy_werewolf
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