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Most viewed - _odella_
Ernie and Hannah246 views11 Dec 2006
Sketch request for effronteamonde.
Tattoo Series #4 - Ginny Weasley244 views11 Sep 2006
Line art
Remus and Hermione244 views12 Dec 2006
Sketch request for inell.
Tattoo Series #1 - Bill Weasley243 views13 Jun 2006
Line art
Hermione, Queen of the Gryffindors239 views03 Jan 2006
Full color
This is for the hp_fringeart January challenge of imitation of a famous artwork. Alphonse Mucha is one of my favourite artists, so naturally I couldn't resist. It's Hermione based on the Zodiac poster.
Tattoo Series #6 - Nymphadora Tonks238 views28 Sep 2006
Line art
Voldemort237 views18 Nov 2005
Full color
After seeing Fiennes in Goblet of Fire I've got Voldy on the brain.
Reading Tea Leaves237 views11 Jan 2007
Full color
For the hp_fringeart January challenge. They are doing the imitation of famous art challenge again, so I couldn't resist.
Based on: Morgan Le Fay by Frederick Sandys
Harry and Ginny233 views11 Nov 2005
Line art
Here's a little number for ya, for the holidays and all, considering it's almost the middle of November and about 80 something degrees outside here in Florida, blech.
Twitterpated233 views27 Apr 2006
Line art
This is for the hp_art_xchange, a gift for empathicfrost.
Tattoo Series #5 - Draco Malfoy229 views14 Sep 2006
Line art
The Second Task228 views05 Jan 2006
Full color
For the hp_fringeart imitation challenge. This one is based Frederic Leighton's The Fisherman and the Syren, and depicts Harry in the second task of the Triwizard Tournament.
Tattoo Series #8 - Hermione Granger228 views29 Nov 2006
Line art
Hermione227 views31 Oct 2005
Full color
Here's a little sketch of Hermione reading.
Draco and Hermione226 views12 Mar 2006
Full color
Part 3 of the commission piece for sesptwd
The Malfoys225 views12 Dec 2006
Sketch request for viver.
Fawkes and Nagini224 views01 Nov 2006
For the hp_fringeart November challenge: colored pencils. Fawkes and Nagini. What is it with me and the phoenix and the snakes?
Tattoo Series #9 - Luna Lovegood224 views14 Feb 2006
Line art
A Dowry of a Single Galleon219 views16 Nov 2005
Line art
This is for bunney who asked for a picture of Draco and Hermione's wedding from her story "A Dowry of a Single Galleon" (
Tattoo Series #3 - Narcissa Malfoy219 views15 Aug 2006
Line art
Conversation in the Air216 views01 Feb 2006
This one's for inell who wanted gifties for her birthday. Just a little bit of Viktor/Hermione for you.
Fawkes and the Basilisk214 views08 Feb 2006
Full color
One more for the hp_fringeart b&w challenge colored a la tattoo flash art style.
Under the Mistletoe213 views18 Dec 2005
Full color
It's a Snape/Hermione piece that's a little OOC, but I was in a goofy holiday mood.
Bella and Narcissa at Spinner's End213 views02 Jan 2006
Snape and Lupin211 views05 Mar 2006
Full color
And as a big thank you to sesptwd for her recent generosity, here is Snape/Lupin art as a gift.
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