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Most viewed - _odella_
Distraction776 views25 Nov 2006
Full color
It's been ages since I've done a D/Hr piece, so I figured it was about that time again. Enjoy!
And So It Comes To This746 views12 Sep 2006
Commission piece for odogoddess
From her story "And So It Comes To This" (
Tattoo Series #8 - Hermione Granger690 views29 Nov 2006
Full color
Tattoo Series #4 - Ginny Weasley687 views11 Sep 2006
Full color
Idols of Perversity653 views16 Mar 2006
This piece is based on a story by Bloodcult of Freud called "Idols of Perversity"
It's a Snape/Hermione story, and the picture will make a lot more sense if you read the story.
Spoils of War621 views05 Apr 2006
For hp_clover. Here was my gift to crimson_keys.
Back from the Death Eater Meeting620 views19 Jan 2006
If you read any SS/HG fanfic, you'll notice that the hurt/comfort, back from a dark revel, beat down by Voldemort, battered Severus is an often seen theme. I've read quite a few in my time and for all of you who read them too here's one for you.
The Pet576 views17 Mar 2006
For 2006 wizard_love
Tattoo Series #5 - Draco Malfoy528 views14 Sep 2006
Full color
Tattoo Series #6 - Nymphadora Tonks519 views28 Sep 2006
Full color
Love Potion #9516 views23 May 2007
For smut_wednesday. This week's theme was pin-ups.
Draco and Hermione507 views07 Nov 2005
Full color
Here's a little special one inspired from the comments from bunney and itsbeenvery. This one's for you guys, enjoy!
Tattoo Series #9 - Luna Lovegood477 views14 Feb 2007
Full color
Tattoo Series #3 - Narcissa Malfoy439 views15 Aug 2006
Full color
A Dowry of a Single Galleon438 views16 Nov 2005
Full color
This is for bunney who asked for a picture of Draco and Hermione's wedding from her story "A Dowry of a Single Galleon" (
Tattoo Series #1 - Bill Weasley435 views13 Jun 2006
Full color
Tattoo Series #7 - Bellatrix Lestrange423 views07 Oct 2006
Full color
Harry and Ginny418 views11 Nov 2005
Full color
Here's a little number for ya, for the holidays and all, considering it's almost the middle of November and about 80 something degrees outside here in Florida, blech.
Lily in the Nursery400 views19 Oct 2006
Here's one that the result of watching all these horror movies that have been on tv in preparation of Halloween. Not a happy piece of art, that's for sure.
Remus - sooper sekrit sex god costume395 views18 Aug 2006
sidecar: We all know Remus is his mild-mannered alterego. In the bedroom he's a superhero SEX GOD.:)
me: Yes. Yes he is. He should have his own costume.
sidecar: I request your next artwork to be of Remus in his Superhero Sex Costume.
You know. If the mood ever strikes you. :)
me: hmmm, Remus in his sex god costume. Tempting, oh so tempting.
She-devil395 views23 May 2007
For smut_wednesday. This week's theme was pin-ups.
A Kiss378 views06 Nov 2005
I am a big fan of Snape/Hermione shipping, It was my first favorite, and even though I have branched out quite a bit, It's still my good ol' standby. And with that said I give you this..
Poison373 views06 Apr 2007
Full color
For hellkat75. Art from her story Poison (
Protecting Ginny363 views13 Dec 2005
Full color
Here's a little something for _____faith who wanted some art with Draco protecting Ginny from Voldemort. I just put a hint of Voldy in the scene because I didn't want to clutter it up, but everybody gets the idea I'm sure.
Indefensible362 views27 May 2007
For Phoenix Rising's Paintbrush & Quill
Paintbrush: "Indefensible" by _odella_
Quill: "Indefensible" by hogwartshoney
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