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Most viewed
Maroon Jumper173 views09 Aug 2004
So, that maroon jumper Ron wears in PoA? I own one just like it (except it's more brown than maroon) and it's like, my FAVE jumper ever. I wear it all the time in winter.
Narcissism173 views09 Sep 2005
Collaboration with glockgal

So, you guys remember "Double double" that Glock and I drew together? Well, we drew this today to sort of go with it. Ahahahahah. Um. :P
Ravenclaw173 views2007
Flitwick done for my Head of House Series: Ravenclaw
Severus172 views29 Oct 2003
Career172 views31 Jan 2004
Percy in a French maid outfit.
Unlikely Prey172 views23 Jul 2006
Scrimgeour sketch171 views08 Jun 2006
A sketch of Minister for Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour
Harry170 views25 Aug 2005
Aww Harry, he's so bashful! *cuddles him*
Voldemort170 views18 Nov 2005
Line art
After seeing Fiennes in Goblet of Fire I've got Voldy on the brain.
Cedric and Harry170 views08 Dec 2005
Commission by bzzinglikeneon
Mad-Eye Moody169 views27 Feb 2006
Barty Crouch Sr169 views18 Apr 2006
Bozza Trio168 viewsok, this is a very rough sketch, and I think that I'll never finish,I don't know.
Hermione, Queen of the Gryffindors167 views03 Jan 2006
Line art
This is for the hp_fringeart January challenge of imitation of a famous artwork. Alphonse Mucha is one of my favourite artists, so naturally I couldn't resist. It's Hermione based on the Zodiac poster.
Harry166 views21 Mar 2005
Collaboration with glockgal

Glock did a rough outline of her Harry, and I filled in the details. I loved this exercise! It's really odd how our drawings of anatomies are totally different, even though it looks perfectly normal in finished pieces. When I started filling the details, I was all "WTF this is totally different from my anatomy! Have I been doing it wrong all along??" A very interesting experience. :D
Snape and Lupin165 views05 Mar 2006
Line art
And as a big thank you to sesptwd for her recent generosity, here is Snape/Lupin art as a gift.
Fenrir Greyback164 views18 Jul 2005
It's Fenrir Greyback! Omg I love this new character, he's utterly vile and evil and sexy and vicious and lauwojlaeo3jfnfakhka FENRIR/REMUS 4EVA!
Luna164 views22 Oct 2007
Commission by loveflyfree
Viktor Krum Portrait163 views30 Oct 2003
Carte Blanche162 views13 May 2004
Studio per un Tatuaggio (particolare)162 views
Luna Lovegood161 views21 Jul 2004
For hp_art_deck
Something Beautiful160 views07 Jan 2005
Snape160 views21 Mar 2005
Collaboration with glockgal

This time, I did the rough outline, and Glock did the details. Yay Snape! (as if I'd draw anything else, hah)
Sticks and Stones159 views19 Jul 2006
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