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Last additions - Lizardspots
untitled31 Dec 2004
This was posted at pwf_love for scribbulus_ink's birthday today, yay! Hope you're having a good one. ♥ 'Tis cover art (of sorts) for her yummy fic "Run, Run, As Fast As You Can".
May 22, 2008
Prowl30 Dec 2004
Illustration for themostepotente's rich and dark fic "Filigree & Shadow" (Snape/Black).
May 22, 2008
Can I Stay?26 Dec 2004
Although the pic is quite pale, it's meant to be set at night. Harry has a nightmare and Ron wakes to find him crying in bed. And Ron being the ♥woobie♥ he is, lets Harry share his bed with him and soothe his nightmares away. Awww, bestest friends. :3
May 22, 2008
Little Snake26 Dec 2004
"This is what you want, isn't it, Little Snake?" Lucius and Severus in their school days. I wasn't sure how many years older Lucius is, but I guessed he'd be 18 when Snape was 14. :)
May 22, 2008
The One He'd Miss the Most23 Dec 2004
It's illustrating Harry's 2nd task in 'Goblet of Fire', the best canon Harry/Ron moment in the Potterverse! Awww, feel their fuzzy woobie lurve. :3
May 22, 2008
Merry Christmas, Fandom24 Dec 2004
Harry/Draco under the mistletoe
May 22, 2008
Ambush13 Dec 2004
James and Snape at school, hee.
May 22, 2008
Girl Sirius08 Dec 2004
So. It's 1976 (is that the right year?) and the Marauders (except Peter, who is off doing... something evil and mouse-y, no doubt) sneak into the Potions lab at dinner time. Sirius is convinced that they can make a potion that'll turn him into a babe magnet *snerk* but umm. Things go a little awry. *smiles innocently*
May 22, 2008
Join Us04 Dec 2004
Happy (early) birthday to khames!
May 22, 2008
Torn17 Nov 2004
Dedicated to all Adrien Brody and Snape fans.

7th year Snape, being all ANGST and SEXXX hee. Maybe the night before his Initiation at Camp Voldie? Hence lack of Dark Mark on his arm.
May 22, 2008
Coffee16 Nov 2004
Harry/Ron. There is nothing to do with coffee in the picture, it's just the colour tone I used.
May 22, 2008
The Spring Ball31 Oct 2004May 22, 2008
Dreams23 Sep 2004May 22, 2008
Susan Bones09 Sep 2004
For hp_art_deck
May 22, 2008
Put Me Down, Potter!06 Sep 2004May 22, 2008
Lost His Heart05 Sep 2004May 22, 2008
Human Again17 Aug 2004May 22, 2008
Maroon Jumper09 Aug 2004
So, that maroon jumper Ron wears in PoA? I own one just like it (except it's more brown than maroon) and it's like, my FAVE jumper ever. I wear it all the time in winter.
May 22, 2008
Lily and James09 Aug 2004
For the hpartremix, based on a drawing by marmaduke1. I must mention that when I got my remix assignment, a huge grin spread across my face and I shouted 'SCORE!!' out loud, because WOAH.
May 22, 2008
Checkmate21 Jul 2004May 22, 2008
Luna Lovegood21 Jul 2004
For hp_art_deck
May 22, 2008
Knock Knock!19 Jul 2004May 22, 2008
Theodore Nott18 Jul 2004
For hp_art_deck
May 22, 2008
Neville Longbottom17 Jul 2004
For hp_art_deck
May 22, 2008
Sullied and Damned12 Jul 2004May 22, 2008
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