Reviews For Unseen
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Reviewer: iris m Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/27/2009 08:03 AM Title: Chapter 1

hey what did he get in trouble over, you kinda left me hanging, but it was still good.

Author's Response: I'm sorry to leave you hanging; if I ever have the inspiration and time to flesh this out to a full story I will. But the scene as it stands was what leapt into my head and I turned it into an exercise of brevity. But the idea was that Harry did something that the Ministry higher-ups disapproved of mightily...could have been excessive force, could have been protecting a problematic witness...who knows? Thanks for leaving a comment!

Reviewer: brad Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/26/2009 07:35 PM Title: Chapter 1

Hmmm.  I received a notification for this story on Portkey, and looked it up just now to read and review, only found it gone.  Do they have a minimum length limit?

A nice little drabble.  I'm only too willing to accept a tag-along Ginny who occupies the 'love interest/wife' slot in Harry's life but who otherwise has no real significance, as that was exactly her function in canon.  She was the supplier of firewhiskey kisses and other things that Harry - raised as he was, unknowing about love - defined as 'romance',  but she was never privy to his innermost thoughts or goals or helped with same.  Unlike our girl Hermione who stuck with him through dragons and giant snakes.

Sad, though, that Hermione would be so affected by Harry's problem, as you've depicted her here, and Harry so appreciative (unlike canon, thank you!!) ... but they're still apart romantically.  :-(

Well, there's no rule that opposite-sex best friends who would 'go to the ends of the earth' for each other necessarily have to fall in love ... but it's darn satisfying reading when they do!

I demand a drabble sequel please :-)  - one which has Harry actually helping Hermione with something (using his fame to push through legislation, if not actually *save* her like she did him).  And maybe when their eyes lock again they can have a simultaneous epiphany ... with both red-heads in the vicinity totally oblivious.  Oh well, just a thought.  Thanks for putting the drabble up here.

Author's Response:

No, Portkey doesn't have a minimum length requirement. But in searching and trying to verify that, I forgot that they do have a requirement that H/Hr cannot be broken apart. A mod pointed out that they'd almost certainly get complaints over that so I took it down.

It was just a scene that suddenly jumped into my head; how Hermione and Ginny would act differently in a crisis. I've toyed with the idea of creating a whole story around it, even having this be what drives the inevitable divorces. But it was also fun and a challenge to get as much packed into as few words as possible, like debating for the longest time about including "automatically"--Stephen King advises against adverbs and Rowling overuses them--before deciding that it was the quickest way to show that Harry's not really aware of Ginny at this point

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