Reviews For Book Six: Plans
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Reviewer: tracypooh Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/14/2010 05:30 AM Title: One: Wollongong

Wow!!! I must say I am sad to be at the end. I truly enjoyed reading your vision of Hermione. I do have mixed feelings about the end. I think she would be happy for Ron in whatever he does since she loves him and in the end he would have relisized that Herminoe needs him to go with her. That being said, it was a good way to end the series with her leaving her diaries ( I mean journals ) behind.
Thank you!!!!!

Author's Response: I wasn't able to directly respond to reviews on TQP for a long time, but now I am, so here's a very belated response in case you check back.... I'm very glad you liked the series. You have a point about Ron and Hermione, but I think at the time I wrote this I felt that neither of them had quite grown up as much as they needed to in order to be all that they should for each other.

Reviewer: MioneMalfoy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 11/24/2009 11:13 PM Title: Thirty-Three: King's Cross Again

Well, I am finally finished! I started with book one and couldn't stop! I loved reading Hermione's POV and seeing little missing moments. You made me laugh, cry, and cheer. Bravo and thanks for the great read!

Author's Response: Just in case you're still reading.... TQP was buggy for me for a long time, but it's not anymore, so I want to belatedly thank you for sharing your enjoyment of the series. I'm very pleased it moved you so much. Take care!

Reviewer: checkyagirl Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/16/2009 11:08 PM Title: Replies to Reviews

I LOVE this series. the ending had me so sad though. I NEED happy endings, and seeing Hermione have none of her wishes for her and her boys' trio relationship fulfilled, pulled at my heart strings. So, I will be happily dellusional. In my mind this entire series is the prequel for Wireless. (>.<) they'll have their happy ending.( well the one I imagined while reading this),lol. You have them so in character from start to finish. You are one of my top 3 favorite Harry Potter fanfic authors. God, this rivals Shoe Box. I love all of your work and am waiting on the edge of my seat for your next story.(^.^)

Author's Response: Very belated response, but just in case you're still reading.... Thank you so much for your extremely kind words! I wrote some sequels to this series, posted on LiveJournal, covering the next few months, but I ended up writing myself into a corner and mostly giving up on fanfic after that. It's probably not a spoiler to tell you that Hermione did get into a romantic trio with her boys after all. (I couldn't do it with the "Diary" series because I didn't want to be overly uncanonical.) Oh, I just looked at my LJ list and you're on it. Good!

Reviewer: melakem Signed [Report This]
Date: 02/06/2009 02:55 PM Title: Thirty-Three: King's Cross Again

Oh, I'm so sorry to come to the end.  I could read Hermione's life forever and ever if you felt like writing it.  You brought us to a perfect conclusion.  I like the way you had Hermione leave the journals behind much the same as she leaves her childhood.  (and I especially like that she said, "for now at least."  Always leave us with hope!)

(I'm so touched to think that my comments mattered to you.  You put so much work into this project, how could we readers not show our appreciation?  smiling)

Reviewer: melakem Signed [Report This]
Date: 02/06/2009 02:45 PM Title: Thirty-Two: The Prefects' Bathroom Again

"Anyone else would’ve kissed his loyal girlfriend and Captain. But, no, Harry has to snog the Snitch"  That was hysterical! 

And, I couldn't believe how cheesy Ron and Hermione both were in her dream!  (very appropriate for the age, I think.  smiling)  (And, boy!  What dreams she has!)

Reviewer: melakem Signed [Report This]
Date: 02/06/2009 10:50 AM Title: Thirty-One: The Headmaster's Office Again

Just fantastic!  Fantastic.  I love Hermione's view of how things happened.  I like her thoughts about Dumbledore, and the fact that you you had her consider all of that at all.  Terrific work!

Reviewer: melakem Signed [Report This]
Date: 02/06/2009 10:32 AM Title: Thirty: The Entrance Hall Again

I really like the way you have Hermione recording these events after she's had some time to settle herself and return to whatever passes for normal.  Besides the fact that nothing else would make sense, I just enjoy the fact that you let us look ahead and see her being healthy and well.  You did a terrific job, as usual, with this update.

Reviewer: melakem Signed [Report This]
Date: 02/06/2009 10:20 AM Title: Twenty-Nine: The Shrieking Shack Again

I found the conversation between Hermione and Lavender to be very touching,  And I loved the Weasley reactions to Ron kissing Hermione.  Even in grief, we still see what's going on around us. 

Reviewer: melakem Signed [Report This]
Date: 02/05/2009 12:43 PM Title: Twenty-Eight: The Room of Requirement Again

I loved Ron punching Malfoy!  It still makes me laugh, even in the middle of high drama!

Reviewer: melakem Signed [Report This]
Date: 02/05/2009 12:33 PM Title: Twenty-Seven: The Chamber of Secrets Again

Finally!  I waited six and a half books for that!  I liked reading Hermione's reactions to the first kiss shared by herself and Ron.  Very satisfying to see that happen.  In this update, I especially liked the revelation of what happened when our couple went down to the chamber.  And her comments in regard to Ron's invitation, "let's slip out to the bathroom," were perfect!  And made me laugh.

Reviewer: lucy_in_the_sky Signed [Report This]
Date: 02/04/2009 02:31 PM Title: Thirty-Three: King's Cross Again

It's over, I'm so sad. But anyway, this story was absolutely amazing.  I can't believe all the thought and detail you put into it! I think I should cut this short before I start rambling, so I just want to say that I think you did J.K.Rowling's story and characters justice, and that you should be very proud of this story.

Reviewer: Sternbetrachter Signed [Report This]
Date: 02/04/2009 12:25 PM Title: Thirty-Three: King's Cross Again

this was an ... interesting read ...

... I think this is the first story where Hermione was so against Ron helping George out in his shop and one of the view where she goes looking for her parents on her own

Reviewer: Baby Boomer Signed [Report This]
Date: 02/04/2009 11:41 AM Title: Thirty-Three: King's Cross Again

Beautiful and bittersweet ending.  Loved this story, will there be a book 7?  I've always wondered whether Harry and Hermione ever snogged a bit.

Reviewer: weasleyking93 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 01/27/2009 10:46 AM Title: One: Wollongong

I'm in love with this story, and your Hermione is just perfect!! And the kiss from her point of view... is just perfect! I can't wait for more, although I guess the battle will be sad with all the deaths

Reviewer: melakem Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/26/2009 08:58 PM Title: Twenty-Six: The Hog's Head Again

Oooh!  Terrific, terrific, terrific!  I'm just on the edge of my seat!  I'm gasping for more!

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