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Reviewer: Kellerrr Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/17/2011 10:13 PM Title: One Shot

What a dick! Haha! That was awesome! So nice to see a change from the usual smut. :) I love it!

Reviewer: juice14 Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 09/01/2009 08:30 AM Title: One Shot

Hmmm I enjoyed that, pretty realistic account heh. My only gripe would be the bet part at the end. I know its smut and a one-shot but I guess I'm a romantic at heart and don't like to demean these things heh. :)

Reviewer: trongod Signed [Report This]
Date: 06/26/2009 10:45 AM Title: One Shot

 A good story right up to the last part...Harry really would not have done this to a friend much less one as close to him as Hermione.

Reviewer: HottForHarry328 Signed [Report This]
Date: 06/22/2007 11:09 PM Title: One Shot

Oh that was low of harry but a wonderful story

Reviewer: plum Signed half-star [Report This]
Date: 08/09/2006 04:19 PM Title: One Shot

That was just...awful!  I mean, not the writing, but the plot?  That must be a pretty damn strong anti-H/Hr feeling you've got.  Harry being such a jerk is an infinitely crazier scenario than two friends having feelings for each other.  I'm really...disgusted.

Reviewer: lolasail4 Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 03/29/2006 12:21 AM Title: One Shot

ooh I kinda hated how much of a jerk harry turned out to be in the end, betting on if he could get into her pants! but the rest was sweet, and i loved the part where it only hurts the first time "only  for muggle girls"

Reviewer: BenRG Signed starstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 01/20/2006 02:44 PM Title: One Shot

I have a bludger with the 'nads of this particular version of Harry Potter in their sights.  You do not do things like that to a girl.

Well written, though

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