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Reviewer: lostinmagic67 Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/20/2011 02:23 PM Title: None for Me, Thank You (One Shot)

Awww! Made my eyes all misty, which made my friend suspicous and then eventually cry too! You've written it so beautifully and so realistically, exactly how I thought Harry and Ginny would start their family and how Hermione would respond if she couldn't. One of my favourite bittersweet fanfics ever (:

Reviewer: JoannaMagdala Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 11/18/2008 06:13 PM Title: None for Me, Thank You (One Shot)

U mentioned that u wrote a story about the "false pregnancy." This was beautifully written~~the way u described Hermoine's feelings was amazing. I loved the grief and sadness mixed with the bittersweet happiness for her friends mixed with guilt and shame for feeling jealous. Fantastico! XOXO

Author's Response: Hi Jo!  Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!  This was the fic we were talking about.  :o)  Thank you for your lovely compliments- I'm so glad that you enjoyed the various emotions going through Hermione.  *loves you*  *chocolate-dipped pretzels for you*

Reviewer: bleviee Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 07/22/2008 10:02 PM Title: None for Me, Thank You (One Shot)

This story actually made me cry, and break my rule about not commenting if I don't know the author in real life.  I watched my stepaunt, whom I've always been close to go through something similar--she had two miscarriages with a baby in between (then another baby), and between her first and second babies, her cousin, stepsister and sister all had babies. I watched her with the preganant women then the babies during Christmases, and I could tell see was hurting, even though she smiled and acted fine.  It's nice to know that Hermione, like my aunt, got her happy ending.  Thank you for realistically showing the struggle, not only to have a baby, but to put on a brave face to the world.  Too many people forget about that part of it.

Author's Response: Hi there and thank you so much for reading and reviewing!  It's so nice to hear your story and the associations you had while you were reading through it.  It really is heart-breaking to watch something go through this situation and I'm sure your support helped your stepaunt.  I'm so glad to hear that you found the portrayal realistic, as well as the emotional fallout from it genuine.  Thank you so much for leaving a review to let me know!  Take care, ~Risie  *chocolate chip cookies for you*

Reviewer: ErikaAmerica615 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 07/20/2008 11:53 PM Title: None for Me, Thank You (One Shot)

I cried when I read this.  I read the other reviews for this fic and saw I was no alone in my tears over this fic.  It really is magnificent in your understanding of this situation and the pain it can bring.  All of us have our dirty little secrest don't we?  Thanks for this- it's lovely.

Author's Response: *hugs you*  I'm sorry you cried, but I'm glad you didn't feel alone after reading it and the other reviews. Dirty little secrets, indeed.  Thank you so much for your kind words.  You will be in my heart, my dear.  *chocolate lava cake for you*

Reviewer: hannahhannahj Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 06/04/2008 02:44 PM Title: None for Me, Thank You (One Shot)

Risie, my husband Jeremy pointed me toward this fic a couple months ago when you published it.  He read it to me and I cried when he did.  I've read it several times since and it has touched me so deeply.  I actually made this account just so I could come and leave you this comment in my name.  Reading this piece was like having you come into my soul and feel everything with me before you put your pen to paper.  It is a pain like no other and I know I'm not alone, but I so acutely felt not alone when Jeremy read this to me, because your words made me feel understood.  

Thank you for writing this for your friend and for publishing it.  I wish her luck in her quest like mine.  This writing deserves that award and I was pleased to hear you got it when Jeremy mentioned it.  I wish I could say more, but the best I can say is thanks.  Really, thank you.  

Author's Response:

Hi Hannah!  I knew Jeremy had read it to you, he told me in an email, and that it had touched you.  I am so thrilled and genuinely pleased to hear that you connected with the fic, despite the sad topic.  It's a subject that's near and dear to my heart and I feel so deeply for all of the couples who have been in this situation.  I'm very happy to hear that reading the fic made you feel somehow less alone.  Your review completely made my day!  ::hugs:: 

Thank you for sharing your story with me and I wish you and Jeremy all of the luck in waiting for your miracle.  Please take care of yourself!  *mint chocolate chip ice cream for you*

Reviewer: melakem Signed [Report This]
Date: 06/04/2008 11:07 AM Title: None for Me, Thank You (One Shot)

Wow.  Twelve years ago, my sister-in-law and I began trying for a baby at the same time.  It took me a few months and some fun, while it took her a few years and some serious time at the doctor's office.  I was pregnant twice before she caught her set of twins.  It was hard to tell her our happy news, knowing the ache she'd feel from not having her own news to share.

You've let me see what she and my brother must have gone through each time we told them.  All those feelings just came rushing right back through time.  Thank you.

Author's Response: Hi there!  Thanks so much for reading and reviewing and especially sharing your story with me.  ::hugs::  I think it's such a common story- one that's touched so many lives- but it's just not talked about that much.  I can only imagine how difficult your situation must have been, being happy for your growing family and yet in the awkward position of having to share the news with family who might take it hard.  I really appreciate your kind words and I'm so glad you connected to the story!  *pecan pie for you*

Reviewer: spidergirl Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 05/11/2008 04:53 PM Title: None for Me, Thank You (One Shot)

I think this story is one of your best, hon! I 've loved it to pieces!

You spoke about a realistic subject in such real way, with a beautiful and touching touch. I really loved how you portrayed Hermione's feelings and how you used the canon details.

A fic to remember and to my favs list! :)


Author's Response:

M, thank you so much for reading and reviewing!  I'm so happy to know you enjoyed it!!! 

I worried about not being sensitive enough, so I'm glad you found it that way.   Thank you so much for your lovely words, my dear- you made me smile so much!  ::snuggles::  *mint chocolate chip ice cream for you*

Reviewer: ropeter Signed [Report This]
Date: 05/10/2008 11:02 PM Title: None for Me, Thank You (One Shot)

Thank you so much for writing this story - my husband and I have struggled through years of infertility (unexplained - and that is worse - if you don't know what's wrong, you can't fix it), finally giving up and we now do long-term fostering of a beautiful but naughty 2 year old girl. I always enjoy your stories (by the way, when are you updating 'If a Man Answers'??? I'm dying to know what happens! I bid for you during the Silent Auction but was outbid in the last hours) - please keep up the good work.


Author's Response: Oh my goodness, thank you for reading and for your truly lovely review!  ::hugs you::  Thank you for sharing your story with me- I wrote this one because a friend of mine is going through something very similar.  I'm so happy to know you enjoyed it!  As for If a Man Answers, I'll be working on the next chapter as soon as I finish my Ron-a-Thon Silent Auction fic (Not a Memory Yet).  I only have one chapter left to write and then I'll be back to IAMA.  Thank you so much for bidding on me- I really appreciate that.  :o)  Take care of yourself!  *chocolate dipped marshmallows for you*

Reviewer: jknoll81 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 04/28/2008 05:43 PM Title: None for Me, Thank You (One Shot)

A very touching story.  You're so wonderful for writing this for your friend to help them through their similar situation.  :o)

Author's Response: ::squishes you::  Thank you, hon, for reading and reviewing.  I'm so glad it touched you.  Our mutual friend was quite happy with it.  *caramel flan for you*

Reviewer: jeremyjames Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 04/25/2008 09:28 PM Title: None for Me, Thank You (One Shot)

Risie, this is stunning.  My wife and I have been trying to have a baby for the past 2 years and the frustration and heart ache has been unbelievable.  This is exactly the feelings a person in this situation goes through.  When you've struggled with something for so long and it happens easily for someone else it hurts. 

I agree with everyone else who wants you to write a sequel to this one.  Please do.  This is very different than your other fics but it is still showing the deeper side to human emotion and I like that.  I think you could do a sequel justice. 

I showed this to my wife and she cried while she was reading it.  She said thank you and I thank you for writing it.   

Author's Response:

Hi Jeremy!  So nice to see you around again!  :o)

I had no idea about your personal situation and I'm so sorry to hear that you've had difficulties in getting pregnant.  It's such a hard situation to be in and I think it's something that wounds very deeply.  ::hugs you and your wife::  I'm glad to hear the story touched both of you and thank you so much for your wonderful words. 

I am definitely thinking about this one-shot becoming a series, since there is so much interest for it. Thank you for letting me know it's something you want.  I really appreciate hearing the feedback.  *chocolate chip cookies for you*

Reviewer: kerosinkanister Signed starstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 04/25/2008 08:47 PM Title: None for Me, Thank You (One Shot)

Well done, and very emotional. Poor Hermione (and Ron).


But it's nice to see you writing! 

Author's Response:

Hi D!  Thanks for reading and leaving a review- glad to hear you thought it was well-written.

::hugs::  Thanks for that!  It's nice to be writing again.  :o)  *mint chocolate chip ice cream for you* 

Reviewer: tjwritter Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 04/20/2008 06:50 PM Title: None for Me, Thank You (One Shot)

*blinks back tears*

That is so moving! I can't even tell you how personally involved I got with Hermione's dilemma for being happy for others as you secretly writhe with captured it so beautifully!

Author's Response: ::hugs you tightly and wipes your tears::  My dear, thank you so much for reading and leaving a truly lovely review!  I'm so happy to hear how moving you found it and that you resonated with it.  ::more hugs::  *angel-food cake for you*

Reviewer: Ronsbabe Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 04/18/2008 12:56 PM Title: None for Me, Thank You (One Shot)

Gorgeous Risie, really gorgeous. I wish I had time right now to give a good review but I don't. I'll be back to say more later but I thought it was beautiful.

I love how you showed the internal struggle of wanting to be happy and also wanting what they have. I imagine a lot of people will resonate with this fic and find it healing. Wonderful to see something new from you! Does this mean you're writing again and we'll get new chapters?

Kisses and all that jazz ~JEN

Author's Response:

Hi, hon!  ::gigglesnorts::  I love how you think this isn't a proper review when it is longer than any of the other ones.  You make me laugh so much sometimes...

Thank you for reading and for your really lovely comments about the fic.  I'm so glad to know you enjoyed it!  Yes, I'm writing again and there are new chapters coming.  In fact, as new chapter of If a Man Answers went up today!  I'm also writing my Ron-a-Thon fic which is multi-chapter, so there will be lots of new stuff soon.  ::hugs you::

*pumpkin pie for you* 

Reviewer: mollyw4 Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/16/2008 09:28 PM Title: None for Me, Thank You (One Shot)

You've really captured that feeling of wanting to be happy-no, really being happy for someone elses joy, but being so, so sad for your own loss.  Many of us have been there.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and for reviewing.  I really appreciate it.  I'm so glad you found the fic true to life and were able to relate... I wrote it with hopes of helping a friend heal a bit.  Thanks again!  *carrot cake for you*

Reviewer: AccioHBP Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 04/16/2008 04:00 PM Title: None for Me, Thank You (One Shot)

This is completely how I imagined the whole scenario of Harry and Ginny having a baby first. Heartbreakingly beautiful! I hope you have considered writing a sequel!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and for reviewing- very much appreciated!  I'm so glad to know you enjoyed it and want a sequel.  I'm definitely thinking about it, given how many people have asked.  Thanks again!  *creme brule for you*

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