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Reviewer: zebraspots05 Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/11/2008 06:36 PM Title: Gratitude

Very powerful...glad Remus' death didn't come up in conversation.  I love your version of Neville, very realistic.

Author's Response:

No, it didn't, but Remus is an intelligent man. He'd know there would be a serious reason why Neville hadn't been able to thank him, and why a Time Turner was necessary for him to do so. Remus lived most of his life in the shadow of death, both because of his condition and because of the tragedy of losing those he loved. Even though Neville has carefully avoided saying it, Remus has deduced that he will more than likely be dead within ten years. Since this is before Sirius' exoneration, Remus is very alone, and the idea that his death is so near is probably not a burden to him; rather, it's a relief.

I think Neville would feel a lot of regret for not thanking Remus. The Boggart lesson is when he first really starts to respect his own abilities. His apititude for Herbology emerges soon after, and then the year following that, he goes to the Department of Mysteries and stands by Harry's side. I think if Neville had a chance at using a Time Turner, without changing major events, thanking Remus would be believeable as something he'd do.

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