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Reviewer: Quidditch Hair Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 08/17/2007 02:18 PM Title: Stronger Than Me

How in the name of Holy Crap did I miss this? *headdesk*

Well, all I can say is 'wow!' That was fantastic, mate. Only until you spelled it out did I realise it was Lavender speaking and not Hermione. I had to go back and read it again! *lol*

Seriously, well done Risie, this is top class!


Author's Response:

Sweetie, you were on holiday!  I never expected you to read it while you were relaxing on the beach!!!  Thanks so much for reading and reviewing- you know I always love to hear what you think, because I really respect and value your opinions. 

I'm SO glad you were fooled until basically the end.  It was supposed to be subtle at best and I thought many people would have to go back and take another look- kinda like when you know the ending to The Sixth Sense and things make sense, but you never got to that point on the first watch.  I'm quite pleased that you enjoyed it!  ::hugs::

*caramel-filled Hershey's bar for you*

Reviewer: Ronsbabe Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 08/17/2007 02:28 AM Title: Stronger Than Me

Oh my God, this was beyond brilliant.  See, while I was off complaining that you haven't updated the other two fics in a while, you give me this to tide me over!!

This was so clever.  I read this and got almost the entire way thinking you were doing a missing moment with Hermione watching Lav-Lav and Won-Won in the common room.  I was shocked that you had actually written a piece with them together.  Well, not really that shocked, because you are the Queen of Angst!! 

I was Sooo releived when it turned out to be Lavender watching them.  I don't know that I've ever felt worse for Lavender than when I read this fic.  She really is just a girl who had the misfortune to fall in love with someone who is in love with someone else. 

So many lines I'm in love with but these are the best ones: 

//My quill glides along the parchment and I let it dig in a bit, hoping the scratching noise will drown out the happiness seeping from them and sucking the life out of me.//


//“Please,” he says huskily, “I want you so bad,” and he kisses her again. A sob catches in my throat as the angry tears begin their rise again. He’s never said those words to me and I can’t help but feel she has stolen words she has no right to.

“What about-” she protests as she drags her lips away from his, and I know somehow that she was about to say my name. His fingertips cover her lips in an instant, preventing her from saying my name, as though it’s a dirty word that should never be uttered.//

**Oh poor Lavender!!**

//I realise I have never hated her quite as much as I hate her in this moment. She’s getting everything I want, everything that should be mine, everything I have earned and I wonder if she knows what a gift she’s getting. //

**She knows but God it's heartbreaking.  This killed me when I thought it was Hermione!!**

//She appears to tire of passively allowing him to practically worship her, which makes me seriously question her sanity, and suddenly flips him over.//

**That's just plain old funny.  Love it.**

//“Too fast,” he gasps against her lips. “We’re going to fast. Don’t want to mess this up,” and he pushes her into a sitting position on his lap. He scoots back against the arm of the settee and attempts to catch his breath, his hands shaking as he holds the two sides of her blouse.

She is looking down at her hands, a flush rising on the skin of her chest, and she bites her lip softly, pulling it between her teeth. I do that too, I think, marvelling that I had never really noticed our similarities before. How she manages to look demure while straddling him between her thighs, her shirt gaping open, I’m not sure I’ll ever know.

He leans forward to kiss her again, his fingers replacing her blouse buttons in their slips. I admit I am more than confused- this is not the behaviour I expected from Ron Weasley.//

**This entire segmant was wonderful.  I can imagine Lavender watching all of this and being completely broken up about how tender Ron is with Hermione.  Which was very different than how he was with her.**

Best line of the entire fic:  //I may have borrowed him for a while, may have made him mine, but he never truly made me his. //

Woah.  I am again in awe of your talent, your wisdom, and your tenderness with these characters.  You may do awful things to them and put them in pain but you somehow also convey the great respect you have for the characters and its always refreshing to see your point of view. 

Plus this was a present tense fic and I don't read many of those but you did it really well.  Loved the first person POV as usual.

Thanks for the entertainment, hon.  Can't wait for new chapters on the other two fics.

**kisses and all that jazz**  ~Jen

Author's Response:

Wow, Jen, again you completely spoil me with one of your fabulous reviews!!!  Thank you so much for reading and reviewing- I always love hearing from you!  ::hugs:: 

Yes, part of why I wanted to get this out so badly was because everybody, especially you, have been waiting patiently for the new chapters of If a Man Answers and Wake Me.  I've had this about 90% written for ages, but I finally pushed myself to complete it, so I could at least put something new out.  However, you'll be very happy to know that I did finish a new chapter of Wake Me.  It's with my lovely beta right now and it should be posted soon- hopefully within the next week or so.  Maybe sooner, depending on what the queue looks like these days.  I really hope you enjoy the new chapter!!!  I've also started on a new chapter of If a Man Answers, but I have no idea how long that one will take me to complete. 

::dances::  I have a new name: Queen of Angst!  That's quite the fun title and I will wear it proudly.  :o)

I'm so glad that you were fooled about the identity of both girls for the majority of the fic.  I really wanted it to be believable that it could have been either of them and then pull a major switch close to the end.  It's amazing that we can feel so bad when we think it's Hermione, and then tranfer that feeling onto Lavender later on.  I've never been a huge Lavender fan, but I don't dislike her and I think she's often given a bum-rap.  I guess this was my way of letting people see she was also hurt by what happened. 

Thank you again for your lovely, as always, review.  I'm left smiling and blushing and I can't thank you enough.  ::big hugs and smoochies::  *blackberry smoothie for you*

Reviewer: alineoellers Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 08/16/2007 06:46 PM Title: Stronger Than Me

Forgot to vote!!!


Hey, sorry to ask, but when will you update the other fics? I'm dying to read another chapter of Wake me!!!



Author's Response:

You're too sweet, honey!  Don't be sorry- I love it when people encourage me to write more chapters.  It's funny that you should mention Wake Me, because I actually just finished the most recent chapter.  It's with my beta and it should be posted within the next week- possibly sooner!  I hope you enjoy it and that it's worth the wait!

::hugs and kisses::  *mango sorbet for you*  :o)

Reviewer: alineoellers Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/16/2007 06:43 PM Title: Stronger Than Me

Hey, Riseeeee!!!How are you? Wow, long time since we’ve last talked! I still don’t know if you got my email…I loved this fic! I had this feeling that it was not Hermione’s POV that we were watching… you wouldn’t be that cruel… see my faith in you is still intact! XDAlthough Hermione is my favorite character, I don’t hate Lavender. I see her as you wrote here. The wrong person at the right time… at least for Ron’s needs at the time. She was caught in the cross-fire between R/Hr and I agree with you, the girl had real feelings for Ron. But hey, I won’t complain. She made her part really well! In a way she made R/Hr see things more clearly… I like to think that…Did you read DH already!?!? I liked it very much!!!Please, email me with your recent news!!! Real life is demanding, but I liked our long virtual talks! Kisses and hugs!Your Brazilian friend, Aline :)


Author's Response: Aline!!!!!!  Sweetie, it's so lovely to hear from you.  I emailed you, but never heard back and was about to email you to see how you're doing.  I know we're both busy and I didn't want to pester, especially since you've been so patient with me too!  If I get the chance, I'll email you tonight- things have been really busy for me (probably you too, right?), but I've missed you as well!  Yes, you're definitely right.  With everything that I'm dragging Ron and Hermione through in my other fics, I couldn't possibly be that cruel in this one too!  :o)  I'm so glad that you enjoyed it and I'm happy to see you still have faith in me, despite the angst going on in the other fics.  Lavender had the misfortune to be in the right place at the wrong time, but she's not a bad person.  I like to think she's just looking for love and found the wrong person...  ::so many hugs and kisses::  I'm so happy to hear from you!!!  *root beer float for you* 

Reviewer: Roach76 Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 08/15/2007 04:40 AM Title: Stronger Than Me

Holy Cricket! That was just excellent; at first I thought it was Mione observing. I didn't catch it until he said Mine; just like Lavendar I believe he saved those words only for Mione. Beautifully done :D

Author's Response: Hi Rosa!  Wow, thank you so much for reading and for the lovely review.  I'm so glad you enjoyed it and that it took you by surprise!  :o)  *apple tart for you*

Reviewer: kerosinkanister Signed starstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 08/14/2007 10:20 AM Title: Stronger Than Me

Loved this line:  "She appears to tire of passively allowing him to practically worship her, which makes me seriously question her sanity, and suddenly flips him over."

I really liked Lavender's introspection and the realization of what Ron and Hermione have that she and Ron didn't, and how it wouldn't have ever really worked for them.  I think it's a bit too common for R/Hr authors to just vilify Lavender which is completely undeserved in my opinion.

The one issue I have is it wasn't clear at the start that Ron and Hermione were unaware of Lavender's presence so I didn't exactly have a high opinion of them getting so physical in front of her.  And it's not like the Common Room is that large so if Lavender can see them...

Author's Response:

Hey Danny, thanks for reading and reviewing!  Yeah, I guess I could have been more explicit that she couldn't be seen from the beginning.  I know it got addressed towards the end, but point taken- thanks for that. 

Glad you enjoyed Lavender; I was a bit worried what you and Shannon would think, because you two are the main Lavender-supporters I know.  I don't think there is anything wrong with Lavender, I actually see quite a few similarities (not only on a surface level) between her and Hermione that are not usually highlighted in fanfiction, and I'm glad to have been able to write about her without vilifying her!  Thanks again for your thoughts!  *york peppermint patties for you*

Reviewer: spidergirl Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 08/14/2007 05:52 AM Title: Stronger Than Me

This is so fabulous, Risie!

Loved how you wrote this, in first place , it seemed you were writting about other girl than Hermione, hee!

Wonderfully well written, having a erotic and gorgeous touch!

Loved it!

Author's Response:

Mon, thank you so much for reading and reviewing!  I'm so glad that you enjoyed the POV and the bait and switch between Lavender and Hermione! 

I'm very flattered that you loved it!  ::hugs::  *chocolate dipped strawberries for you*

Reviewer: alloy Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/13/2007 11:10 PM Title: Stronger Than Me

interesting different take, gets one to thinking

Author's Response: Thanks, Marc, glad it got you thinking- perhaps we can all benefit from you thinking about it (by way of you writing something new)?  *chocolate chip ice cream for you*

Reviewer: queenb23 Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/13/2007 08:21 PM Title: Stronger Than Me

So, this is so fabulous!!  You know, I have a soft spot for Lavender, and this portrays her in a really nice light!  And the moments between Ron and Hermione are so erotic, especially from this pov.


Author's Response: Shannon, coming from you (being a Lavender supporter), I feel very complimented.  Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, and I'm so pleased that you've enjoyed it!  *root beer float for you*

Reviewer: lilly Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/13/2007 05:18 PM Title: Stronger Than Me

Risie, like I told you in your LJ, this was brilliant!!My heart was in size of a nut during all the time and suddenly BUUMM, it exploded!!This is a story to read over and over!Thanks for this!!

Author's Response: Lilly, thank you so much for reading and reviewing, and above all else, for your enthusiasm!  I'm so glad that you enjoyed the fic and it had the intended effect!  ::caramel flan for you::

Reviewer: quizzical Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/13/2007 04:10 PM Title: Stronger Than Me

so much tenderness there, risie.

i was a bit 'heart in mouth' for a bit thinking he was with lavendar, and not really wanting to read hermione's heartache, but i twigged a bit the way through.

it's a nice job on lav. she's not a twit. a bit desperate for affection, maybe. but that's hardly damning.

lovely work.


Author's Response:

Hey Q!  Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! 

I was a bit worried about people getting into the fic and not finishing, because it seems like we're reading through Hermione's view for a while.  I'm so glad you enjoyed the characterization of Lavender- was worried to get it off! 

Thanks again, Q, I really appreciate it!  ::blackberry scone and tea for you:: 

Reviewer: Nel Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/13/2007 10:16 AM Title: Stronger Than Me

For some reason, I thought it was Hermione talking about Lavender. O.o But I loved it, I'm always glad to see a story that doesn't make Lavender some "scarlet woman" *rolls eyes*.

Author's Response: Hey Nel!  You got the point- I was trying to make a parallel between Lavender and Hermione; glad you caught it!  They aren't quite as different as many people think, IMHO.  Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!  I really, really appreciate it.  *chocolate chip cookies for you*

Reviewer: Tart Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/13/2007 06:09 AM Title: Stronger Than Me

Ohhh I loved this! You were very good at keeping the girl's identity from us. I did, in the beginning, think Ron was snogging Lavender, but halfway through I just knew it must be Hermione he was kissing, given his actions. It was very tender and lovely. Well done!

Author's Response: Hey JenLiz!  Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!  I'm so glad you thought it was Lavender for at least part of the fic; that's what I was going for.  :o)  I really appreciate you taking the time to leave me your thoughts and thanks for being my first review on this fic!  *pumpkin pie for you* 

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