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Reviewer: muggle_mom Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 05/16/2008 08:42 PM Title: Chapter 10 – A Grieving Heart

Now that I've stopped crying, all I can say is bloody brilliant.  That's one of the best pieces I've ever read.

Reviewer: muggle_mom Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 05/16/2008 08:28 PM Title: Chapter 9 – Jealousy Unchecked

Oh, dear God, no.

Author's Response: Dear muggle mom, I've enjoyed watching your reviews come and I can see the dates and how you're progressing through the chapters.  It seems that I wrote some of them so long ago, I forget how tantalizing they are!!  I hope you'll continue to read and enjoy the rest.  I'm nearing the end and getting very nervous about it.  I so want this to wrap up in splendid fashion!!  Thanks again!

Reviewer: muggle_mom Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 05/16/2008 08:14 PM Title: Chapter 8 – Advice and Poetry

Thick-headed, unromantic Ron writing poetry?  I love it!  Is there anything more touching than a guy doing something completely out of character for his love?

Reviewer: muggle_mom Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 05/16/2008 07:55 PM Title: Chapter 7 – Correspondence

Best chapter so far.  Can't wait to read the rest.

Author's Response: Dear muggle Mom, Thanks so much!  I hope you enjoy the rest even more!!  Take Care.

Reviewer: KaL Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/29/2008 12:47 PM Title: Chapter One – A New Spy Is Born

I should have read the reviews before I posted. 

1)  I don't think Ron is a doormat.  I think he is a young man in an impossilbe situation.  He is going to be a Father and his love is extremely emotional he's just trying his best to maintain harmony for now. 

2)  Harry's insensitivity toward Ron?  What better way to wake Ron up.  What should he have done, let Ron start drowning his sorrows in firewhisky and possibly messing up his Auror training not to mention his relationship with Hermione?

3)  I do sometimes think that Hermione is out of character, but she still has her brilliant moments with I am sure more to come.  She experiencing something she didn't have time to "study" for and she's thrown off.  I give her a break. 


Reviewer: KaL Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/29/2008 12:32 PM Title: Chapter 25 - A Second Try

I couldn’t believe it.  Last night I thought it had been a while since there had been an update so I decided to re-read the last chapter.  Low and behold there was an update along with a HOT out take.  I am so glad Ron and Hermione have worked things out.  By the way, I am assuming that they have told their parents if she is showing, but I couldn’t really pick anything up with the way Molly was acting.

I enjoyed seeing Ron’s ability to see things and put them together even when he is exhausted.  With all of them working together they will have the puzzle solved soon.

I can’t decide if Draco really wants to turn to the right side.  His mission was to infiltrate and it seems that if the Order opens themselves up to him that that is exactly what he will be doing.  I can’t really trust Hermione’s judgment on all of this since she really hasn’t been acting “normal” even for a pregnant woman. 

I won’t leave a separate review for the out take, suffice it to say I loved it soooo hot.  I just wish Hermione would realize how much Ron loves her and accept his proposal. 

Can’t wait for more this story really has caught hold of my imagination I love when I see an update.

Just a quick question.  If this is the first of October wouldn’t Hermione be nineteen?

Author's Response: Dear KaL, Thanks for the great LONG review!  I'm just tickled!!  I've been so worried about this chapter - probably rewrote it about 7 times before I was happy with it.  So, I'm just thrilled to hear reviews like yours.  To answer your question, yes, she just turned nineteen in September.  I think it's more a generalization saying an 18 year old unwed mother because I think it has more impact, but you are right, she's nineteen now.  Take Care!

Reviewer: SarahWSarah Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/29/2008 11:29 AM Title: Chapter 25 - A Second Try

I had to reply to your reply! Of course you're right about Ginny being too removed in this story to use as the 'bait' for Draco. I just meant after their history, for Draco and Hermione to become so close is beyond plain forgiveness, but needs a serious change of character and in this case, on top of her behaviour to Ron, Hermione's coming off as a weak and silly cow! If she lusted after Draco, that might  be easier to accept (though I'd hate it!) as it's purely physical. Freindship/love - anything requiring a meeting of minds could only start on her part after he'd really proved himself and take years. This isn't a shipping thing (I hate the word!) just a credibility thing.

I'm so glad she's finally starting to grow a pair and hope she starts treating Ron with some respect and not as a silly toddler who needs to be told what's best for him. I also hope Ron starts demanding that respect and stop regretting calling her out on her silly behaviour. I saw light at the end of the tunnel in the last chapter.

I also acknowledge what you said about her instincts usually being right - 8 times out of 10 they are. However, she also has a generous side order of arrogance with that, and finds it very difficult to accept that she might be wrong. I think we've both mentioned that at different times. Your Hermione is totally canon in this case. Her logical approach is applied to all situations, and is inflexible. When it comes to things - puzzles/situations/lessons, logic is ideal. It's when it comes to people it can fail badly.  People aren't logical, including Hermione herself sometimes both in your story and in canon. That's where the inner conflict comes, and the mistakes are made and people alienated. Has she never seen Star Trek? What accademic subject calls for thinking outside the box at all times? Divination. Enough said!

To finish, I really am enjoying your story. I don't mean to attack it all the time, it's because it's making me think that I'm bombarding you with feedback. Why use one word when 20 will do?!

Author's Response:

Sarah, please don't feel bad about leaving these nice long reviews.  I'm GLAD that it's making you think.  I guess that means I'm doing my job.  It's very interesting when you have to write about another author's character.  There are certain characteristics from the books that I can draw from, but the rest is up to me.  I just get a mental picture of how I think she might act and I go with it.  Could be right, could be wrong.  Could be completely contradictory to what JKR would ever have her do, but I'll never know that.  I love your comments.


I will say that you made me very happy with your comment about seeing the light in the tunnel at the end of this chapter.  I wanted to show that Ron is not going to just be stepped on all the time.  He will stand up for himself and he will make it clear that he's not just going to lay down and take this all the time.  In the same vein, Hermione is learning that her logic isn't perfect and she needs to change as well.  So, let's see what happens next.  I really think you'll like the ending...well, at least I hope you do!  More to come soon.  Take Care and thanks again for the terrific discussion.

Reviewer: Grownupron Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/28/2008 07:06 PM Title: Chapter 25 - A Second Try

Err sorry I was on this chapter when I first review.


The story reads well and I'm normally a big R/Hr shipper but in this case I still think he's putting up with way too much Draco garabge and would be better off being a good dad and finding a less annoying and drama filled love interest.


He's still too much of a doormat.  

Reviewer: kerosinkanister Signed starstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 04/28/2008 03:34 PM Title: Chapter 25 - A Second Try

I liked the update. It's nice to see Ron and Hermione on track again, at least for the moment. I'm still suspicious of Draco, though, and Hermione's continuing to see him. But at least she seems more open about that now.

I liked the supporting characters in this chapter, too, from Harry's talking to Ron to Bill. 

Author's Response: Dear kerosinkanister, Thanks for the review.  I think it was time for Ron to finally voice his opinions and I think Hermione got the message.  Glad you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: SarahWSarah Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/28/2008 11:32 AM Title: Chapter 25 - A Second Try

I've read the latest chapter (and the 'for grown ups' extension - 13, 15, 17, 21, sadly I qualify easily for any age limit). I enjoyed them both.

I'm glad to see that Hermione's accepted the mistakes she's made and has apologised and is making an effort. I didn't think that Harry needed to be quite so judgemental of Ron, I agreed with Ron that he wasn't being the most sensitive friend. He could have got Ron to see sense without heaping that much guilt on him - surely Ron deserved that time to reflect (or sulk!) so that when he did come round it was when he was ready, and truly genuine, not because he felt guilty.  Still, they're back on track now.

Sad to see Hermione still so eager to give Draco a chance. They may not be best friends forever now, (so she's saying anyway) but she still thinks he's on the level about wanting to distance himself from his father.  Obviously Draco couldn't possibly be lying or pulling off an elaborate scam! Even if he is on the level in the end, I still think she's wrong to be so prepared to believe him. With his history, The Order should hold him at arms length - work together where it's mutually beneficial, but trust need not be involved. Use him, don't befriend him. Trust has to be earned. If he's the hero at the end, fair enough, but now? If he saves the day, it won't justify her behaviour now. Why is she so gullible?

I've always thought that it made more sense for Ginny to be the link between Draco and the Order. She might resent him for his treatment of Harry and the Weasleys obviously, but then so should Hermione.  The thing with Ginny is that Draco never treated her like dog muck on his shoe like he did Hermione for years, so she has less to forget. Hermione isn't being noble or forgiving, just silly and difficult to respect - your Ron 's gorgeous though!

I should add the disclaimer (again) that I am really enjoying the story, but just can't warm to the female lead

Author's Response: Dear Sarah, Wow!  What a great (long) review!  This is a tough storyline for Hermione.  She ends up in a difficult position and probably doesn't handle it the best way possible, but I think she's coming around.  However, I do have to say that Hermione's instincts are usually right on - now always - but usually.  I think she trusts those instincts so it's hard to make herself believe that her gut feeling about Draco was wrong.  I like your thoughts about Ginny being the connection to Draco.  I can see that as well, but she's a bit too distant in this story to really make the connection.  I hope you'll like the rest.  Take care and thanks again for leaving such a "meaty" review!!

Reviewer: Sternbetrachter Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/28/2008 08:54 AM Title: Chapter 25 - A Second Try

awesome update!
I'm so glad that Ron and Hermione talked about stuff and are together again ... and honestly, I wouldn't mind Ron hitting Draco - hard and very often!

Author's Response: Dear Sternbetrachter, I can't tell you how thrilled I am to hear such a positive review!  I have struggled over this chapter for months, trying to get it just right.  So glad you liked it.  Thanks so much for taking a minute to let me know!

Reviewer: Grownupron Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/28/2008 08:25 AM Title: Chapter One – A New Spy Is Born



Wow Ron is such a doormat.


Author's Response:

Dear Grownupron, Assuming you are actually on Chapter 1, I'll let you continue and see if you think he's the same when you get to Chapter 26!  Thanks so much for the review!

Reviewer: SarahWSarah Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/02/2008 10:55 AM Title: Chapter 24 - Unspoken Desire

I popped back to check that you'd read both my reviews - I'm glad you did!  However as I'm here, you said below that Hermione was trying to protect Ron by withdrawing from him etc and maybe we should cut her some slack. However in doing this, she was displaying the arrogance (no matter how well meaning) that's her least attractive feature in canon.

She wiped her parents mind and changed the entire course of their life 'for their own safety'. The Dursleys, who hated Harry, were eventually pesuaded to hide. Surely her parents could have been granted the same respect - of having a choice. (They could also then explain their disappearance to extended family, friends, patients, employees - did she wipe everyone's minds, or did no-one notice they'd gone!) Her parents are adults (obviously!).  It was their decision, not hers. I can understand her keeping quiet about Voldemort so as to not get taken away from Hogwarts, but changing their entire life? At that extent it's almost mind-abuse anyway. I'm not suprised JKR didn't mention their reunion - could they ever trust her again? On topic, will Ron as she continues to force him down the road of what she thinks is best for him? He's an adult, not a House Elf.

Talking of which, it's them all over again - rather than try to encourage them to see a better life for themselves, she just wanted to foist her views on them. Right beliefs, wrong tatics. In the end it was Harry's good relationship with individual house elves which won through, not SPEW. They all hated her!

Sorry, got carried away! However I do think her trying to make decisions for adults means she deserves a certain censure. Hopefully she'll grow out of it.

Draco? Well, if she still chooses to stay his good friend, despite his revelation, he'll have the chance to do whatever he wants with her, whether it's to use her as a source or get together with her. Maybe Witch hormones are treble strength! 

I do like a story that makes me think!

Author's Response: Dear Sarah, And I love a reviewer who I know has really read the story and thought long and hard about the characters.  I just love these meaty reviews!!  You're absolutely right.  Hermione's character has always been a bit controlling.  She seems to think that she knows it all - she has the answers and her ways is the best for all parties involved.  She does it with the best intentions and she always thinks long and hard on it, but doesn't always look at things from anothers' viewpoint.  So, you are absolutely right and'll just have to wait for the next chapter and let me know if you like how things go.  I hope you'll like it, but I've learned that I can never please everyone.  Invariably, I get a reader here or there that detests the way I wrap up a plot point and I guess I just have to live with that.  Still, I'm writing her the way that I envision her.  Thank you again SO much for taking all this time to reply.  I truly enjoy the discussion.

Reviewer: RedHeadGin Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/02/2008 08:32 AM Title: Chapter 19 - Distractions and Discussions

Aww, Harry getting distracted due to Ginny's presence, getting himself hurt. Still clueless, silly boy. I enjoyed this chapter.

Author's Response: Yes, he is hopelessly in love and it shows, hey?  Glad you enjoyed it.  Thanks for leaving the review!

Reviewer: kerosinkanister Signed starstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 04/01/2008 10:21 PM Title: Chapter 24 - Unspoken Desire

I'd been meaning to read this for ages so I'm glad I did. I like the way you've developed R/Hr but I definitely don't quite understand what's driving Hermione, especially with Draco, but I can't wait to find out.

Lucius was wonderfully creepy and vile.

Author's Response: Dear kerosinkanister, Thank you so much for leaving the review.  Poor Hermione.  Everyone is just harping on her something fierce (I'm not pointing at just you).  I find it interesting that everyone thinks she's being influenced by something other than her own emotions and hormonal ups and downs from this baby.  Has she truly done anything horrible?  She loves Ron so much that she doesn't want him to marry her because of the baby and then to be uphappy the rest of his life.  She's feeling a bit smothered and then does an unwise Apparition.  She befriends Draco, but knows that Ron will be upset so she keeps their friendship on the down low.  And Draco...well, he's either the ultimate actor or he's fallen hard for her and doesn't know how to get out of it.  Well, I'll leave you thinking for now and go back to another edit of the next chapter.  THANK YOU again for the review.  They mean so much to me!

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