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Date: 10/25/2007 04:38 AM Title: More Than Enough

Aw.  It's lovely.  I mean that.  You really get into Hermione's thoughts and how a young person (only 18, after all) might be thinking realising that tonight might be the last night of her life.  With that in mind, the touch with socks for Dobby was particularly nice.

Interesting that you do this without any speech whatsoever.  It isn't a story about verbal communication - it is a story about feelings and communicating them on a primal level. 

Of course, Hermione has probably given Harry something to live for.  It is odd that most fanfic writers and JKR came to completely opposing conclusions about what having such close bonds would do for Harry.  For most fanfic writers, it gives him something to live and win for.  For JKR it gave him the courage to die when it became clear that this is what needed to happen.

Just to add that I've always been a fan of your stories.

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