Weekly Drabble Challenge: (2007-11-10 to 2007-11-15) by annie
Summary: Our G-R rated challenge is:
Premise: Breaking into the Firewhisky sixth year
Pairing/characters:  Slytherin Boys
Phrase that must be used:  "It just wasn't the same once she pulled that out"

Our NC-17 challenge is:
Premise:  Finding some of Sirius's "special" stash at Grimmauld
Pairing:  Trio in any combination
Phrase that must be used:  "I never knew your eyes could glow like that"

The Rules:
Must be posted by November 16th.
Must be under 500 words
Must have forum drabble challenge after the title for submission ease.
Voting will be done here on the forums
NC-17 stories will be voted on in the broomshed area.

***This weeks drabble challenge is brought to you by Captains Simons Flower and three hard shell tacos and a chicken quesadilla from Taco Bell****
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