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  • The Quidditch Pitch's Secret Elf Exchange is all rating, all pairing, and all time periods
  • The exchange will be anonymous until December 26th when all will be revealed
  • Does not have to be centered around Christmas
  • All Stories will be emailed to Secret Elf

The Rules
  • Sign ups start tonight October 18, 2008 the Sign up deadline is November 15, 2008 at 10:00 PM EDT.
  • The deadline to turn in stories is December 22nd. We will begin posting on December 23rd and continue through December 25th.
  • If you request a gift you must be prepared to also give a gift.
  • These are ficlets the minimum length is 600 words the maximum length is 1000
  • All ratings allowed
  • All pairings allowed
  • All time periods allowed
  • All stories must be new stories and not a part of a series.
  • All fics must be beta read and spell checked. If you do not have a beta reader please email Secret Elf and we will arrange one.
  • Stories can not be posted anywhere else until all authors have been revealed on December 26th.
  • The Captains will match pairings with authors to make sure no one receives an assignment that they can not or will not write.
  • If you can not complete your story please email Secret Elf so that we may find a pinch hitter for you.

Request Template (Please copy and paste this into your reply)
TQP Username:
Valid Email Address:
Rating you prefer receiving: GP-FG-13 or MT-RT
Rating you prefer writing: GP-FG-13 or MT-RT
Things you enjoy reading or kinks:
Squicks or things that make you want to spork your eyes out:
Three pairing requests:
Scenario (one or more):
What pairings will you absolutely not write?
What subject matter will you not write about?
Are you willing to pinch hit?

Please respond to this post to make your request!
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